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  • Regulator 23 Classic Prop Performance Help

    I have a Regualtor 23 Classic with the F225
    I had a Mercury Enertia 17P prop. Full trimmed out mounted on 3rd hole I get pretty good numbers.
    4500 @ 25 mph
    4800 @ 28
    4900 @ 29/30
    6000 (WOT) 41 mph

    The boat will run fairly similar with a full load but is a pig to get going

    i dinged the prop and tried my spare SWS 17P

    4500 @ 28 mph
    4800 @ 30 mph
    4900 @ 31/32
    5800 (WOT) 39 mph

    With a load on it, it feels more sluggish to get on plane than the Enertia. But I really like the higher cruise speeds

    Could I have the Enteria Reconsitoned and reworked to perform a little better?

    Would a 4 blade give me less prop slip and better speeds? I’m looking to maximize what I can with the motor I have.

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    Higher cruise speeds sound good on paper, but without knowing your fuel burn, we don't really know if its any better or not.

    If you compare your fuel burn at the same speed, you can see which prop is really winning
    just because a prop is turning less RPM at the same speed doesn't mean its burning less fuel.

    Do you have to run your tabs much with either of these props to make it ride right?

    Ken Reeves


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      No, tabs aren’t needed for either prop. I have no way to tell real fuel burn without topping the tanks off and running it than refilling. Kind of a pain with 184 gallons. What would a Rev4 do as far as performance? Would you suspect better, or similar numbers? Better hole shot? The SWS not reaching the max RPM makes me wanna stick with the Enertia. But the cruise speeds are just so much better.


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        I don't think the Rev 4 would be better on holeshot then the Enertia, but its worth a try.
        I send the test props out for $30 plus shipping.

        Like you said, without a fuel flow gauge, its hard to compare.
        But if you had one, I think you'd find the Enertia gets pretty much the same economy, as well as having better holeshot and faster top end.

        Ken Reeves


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          Thanks Ken. How about the Enertia Eco? Is there much difference in performance between that and the original Enertia


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            Its harder to turn then the Revolution 4.
            Not a bad prop, and if offered in lower pitches, would be nice to try, but the 17 ECO would just be too much for you.

            Not sure why they kept the Enertia name, they are in no way alike. the ECO is massive in comparison.

            Ken Reeves


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              Your info never disappoints. I’m just going to get my Dinged Entertia reconditioned. The performance was pretty good for the size of the motor and boat. I just wanted to explore some options to see if I could make it better. Thanks again Ken.


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                Sounds good.
                Its $30 plus shipping to try one. I'm always up for trying one out. But that Enertia is going to be hard to beat.

                I use Rich Junker at Leading Edge Propeller, he can fix that Enertia up for you. He does amazing work, his prices are good too.
                Hes pretty hard to get on the phone, and not super quick on getting the work done, but its worth it for the quality of work.

                Ken Reeves