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  • Contender 25 Bay Prop Help

    I recently bought a 2018 Contender Bay with a 2018 350 Verado spinning a 23 Rev 4. I do not have a t-top. I feel the 23 Rev4 is too much prop and I hate to overload the engine. Here is the known performance data through 13 hours:

    Light load – 23P Rev 4 – Great traction, little to no blow out at planing
    Cruise 45 MPH 4000RPM 4.2 MPG
    Fast Cruise 53 MPH 4900RPM 3.4 MPG
    WOT 62 MPH 5950RPM ?

    Heavy Fishing Load – 23P Rev 4 – Great traction, little to no blow out at planing
    Cruise 45 MPH 4150RPM 3.9MPG
    Fast Cruise 52MPH 5150RPM 2.7MPG
    WOT 59MPH 5750RPM ?

    Light load – 23P Tempest Plus 4 – Horrible venting, blow out with any trim or lift on the jack plate
    Cruise 45MPH 4100RPM 3.9MPG
    Fast Cruise 53MPH 5050RPM 2.7MPG
    WOT 67.5MPH 6350RPM ?

    While the performance is good with the 3 blade, it just does not hook up for what I want to do. Also, to achieve most of these speeds I am really airing out the motor.
    I feel I need a new prop, but I can’t decide if I step down to a 21 Rev 4 or do I go with a 22 or 21.5 Rev 4 XP. I do not want to hurt my efficiency by dropping the pitch too much.
    Thanks for the help

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    I would bet the 21 Revolution 4 would run just as fast as the 23, just turn more RPM.
    Economy I'd expect the same, even though your turning 400 RPM more at the same cruise speed, your GPH will be the same.

    I like the standard Revolution 4's. I have not seen anything particularly special about the XP's.

    I have them available for testing. $30 plus shipping.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thanks Ken. As always you are a wealth of knowledge. Will be calling soon either to try the prop or purchase one.