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  • Engine Height Video/ things to look for...

    As a Propeller "retailer", dealing with hundreds of boats and setups of all types and styles, We try to make a "general rule" of engine height that will work with most people.
    (You want to see the anti ventilation plate clearly while running at a fairly fast cruise speed, trimmed however makes the boat run well)

    Some boats might like it a little lower, some might like it much higher, it also depends on the specific prop your running, and the type of boat.
    For 90% of your offshore and run about outboard boats, this rule will get you set up pretty well.
    To get it perfect, you just have to move the motor and see what happens.

    Motors too low can often cause boats to run bow high all the time, always needing to run the tabs down to get it to ride correctly.
    Porpoising easily with very little trim is often a symptom of motors being low.
    The bow wanting to go sky high getting on plane can also be a symptom.
    Raising the motors gives less drag, which can give you better economy throughout the rpm range, more speed, and make the boat run flatter.

    Motors too high can ventilate too easily and drive you nuts.
    Water pressure is also an issue, but you have to be up really high to loose pressure on your average boat.
    Some props can run much higher then other props, so that will change things as well.
    Sometimes the motor too high can cause a porpoising issue as well. but I don't see that as often.

    Its VERY common for the motors to be mounted too low from the builder/dealers.
    Probably a liability issue or something. I don't know.
    But it can make a huge difference in the ride and performance characteristics on your boat.
    Props aren't everything, Engine height is VERY important.
    Always worth checking.

    Couple pictures.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	image_2031.jpg Views:	1 Size:	144.9 KB ID:	19909

    Looks Good
    Click image for larger version  Name:	height correct.jpg Views:	1 Size:	430.4 KB ID:	19908

    one more that looks good.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	height triple.jpg Views:	1 Size:	46.9 KB ID:	19911
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    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]

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    Cool thanks for sharing. I have a everglades 255 with twin yamaha 200. Do you think its possible to improve the economy and performance of my boat?


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      Yes, I'm sure we could get some improvement somewhere.

      If you let us know the model motors you have. the RPM and GPS speed you get at cruise and wide open with your normal load.
      Also, what props your currently running.

      From that we can see how they are running.
      And if you have any handling characteristics you want to fix, like porpoising or ventilation in rough water, or anything like that let us know.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        Okay thanks will do!


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          Thanks for posting that Ken; and thanks as well for responding to my thread on the Carolina Skiff..

          Hope to raise that motor sometime after the holiday..


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            Ken; you deal with so many boaters, but I just wanted to relate how you helped me out. I bought a used 2011 27 Judge. The previous owner had swapped out the original 3 blade prop for a four blade prop (225 Honda). He was an older gentleman who simply ran the boat from one waterfront restaurant to another. He wanted more control for docking and thought the 4 blades would help him.
            I bought the boat from him for fishing! I didn't need blazing speed, but his prop would cavitate on turns and didn't get anywhere close to max rpm at wide open throttle. Ken had me send him my gps speed at different rpm's and recommended a Mercury prop with a Honda hub kit.
            I have been running Ken's set up for two years with very happy results. I thought I was going to have to try out several props to get one that would satisfy my needs, but Ken was able to get me where I wanted to be in terms of speed, control, and mileage with his first suggestion.
            Thanks again Ken.
            5th (Marty)


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              Thanks Marty !

              Glad its running well for you.

              Ken Reeves
              [email protected]