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    Gday team, currently sitting around a camp fire contemplating our last couple of days on the Dam.
    Boat is a 6m half cabin primarily a fishing rig but does alright towing kids as well, it’s now running a 2010 175 Etec and spins a 16” Solas HR4 to 5500 RPM at around 44MPH, or a 17” Enertia at 5500 RPM for 45MPH. These figures are with 3 pob and Fishing gear. Today I had 6 pob and 2 kids on rope so doubt I’d even get 5300 rpm wot
    Nothing wrong with either props at all, I find I lean towards the Solas more that the enertia most of the time. Dragging kids around at 14-17 MPH it’s very difficult to hold a steady speed. Would dropping to a 14 or 15” Solas HR4 do anything for the slow speed control? A little more holeshot would be great too for when the larger kids (adults) need a little extra convincing to get up on the water as I find the 16” I’m smacking WOT and it’s not popping up on the plane super quickly. No drastic changes needed but if I can tidy those little bits up I think I will be happy. If another prop would be better suited I’m all ears too just getting on well with Solas of late so leaning that way.

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    When your loaded, and trying to pull up the big kids, When you hit the throttle to pull them up, is the motor only turning 2000-2500 RPM and then gains RPM as the boat speed increases?
    If so, yes, the lower pitch Solas would probably do well.

    Or is the motor revving up 3500 + RPM and the boat catches up to the RPM as speed increases?

    Trying to figure out if its slipping, and you need more traction, or if its just a lot of weight and you want less pitch.

    From the sound of it, both props are doing well, but with that load trying to pull up 2 people, you just need a lower pitch.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      It’s not slipping. There is more than enough grip with the 16” HR4
      Just not sure what pitch to go. If I grab a 15” HR4 then chances are it wouldnt be too bad for normal Fishing work as well as being better for watersports. There has been a couple of fishing trips that I have felt a bit over propped and topped out around 5300-5400RPM.
      Or if I go for a 14” then it will only be a watersports prop as lightly loaded it will probably hit the limiter

      happy to look at other brands/styles of prop also if there is something that will fit the bill.
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        Well, "theoretically, same style/brand
        16 actually runs 5500 at 44 MPH 2% slip
        15 should run 5850 at 44
        14 should run 6250 to run 44, but would likely hit the limiter a couple MPH slower.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          Thanks Ken, I’ll see if Solas down here will swap the 16” out for me if not I’ll put a 15” on my to buy list. I just hope the 15 is the right one.


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            So here we are a few months later and I spun a 15” Solas HR4 this weekend back to back with the 16”.

            Speed and RPM almost identical and to be honest I couldn’t pick them apart. I’m guessing the 15” is pitched a bit high.

            Back on on the search for another prop. While the HR4 seems to work well with my boat is there a prop that you would suggest that will work as well or possibly better? Biggest thing I would like to improve on would be ability to hold a steady speed. Boat seems to bog down a bit then push up 3-4mph in a flash then when I back off it drops quickly. The speeds I’m working is 13-18mph. My theory is less pitch equals more rpm between speeds so throttle control should be a little easier but if you have another suggestion I’m all ears.


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              Less pitch is more RPM, but also very snappy. I've had guys that are big on watersports go too low on pitch before, and they felt like it was too jumpy when they adjusted the throttle.

              13-18 MPH is just a tough area to be, and there is not a big selection of props available in those pitch ranges.
              Its one of those, just have to bolt it on and see what happens deals.

              I would like a smaller diameter 4 blade that is still 15 pitch.

              The High Five Mercury prop is a favorite prop for a lot of watersports guys. It is tiny diameter, little 5 blade prop, but pulls really smooth, and transitions to plane very easily.
              high slip ratio as well, I normally expect 14-19% slip on that prop.

              Ken Reeves
              [email protected]


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                Yeah it really is a hard place to hold the boat. i might try and offload one of my props and then look for a high 5 possibly. Currently have a 17” enertia, 16” Solas 4 blade and 15” Solas 4 blade. Probably don’t need any more props in the garage.