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  • Tideline 190 Suzuki DF150 Powertech OXF4

    Apologies in advance for the long post.

    We have a Tideline 190 single engine powercat. Suzuki DF150 2.5 gear ratio. Powertech OFX4 19. Weights about 3000 lbs fully loaded with family. Boat has bottom paint.

    Great boat. Would not change anything except we’re not getting the same cruise and top end performance numbers as other owners running the factory setup or the Suzuki test. Link below.


    With an OFX4 19 pitch the boat should top out at 41mph @ 6000 rpm and cruise at 22mph @ 3500 rpms.

    Slip should be under 10% from 3500 rpm up.

    In stock trim we have never seen above 34mph @ 5400 rpms @ 51% trim or 36mph @ 5750 rpms @ 100% trim. Prop does not vent or blow out even at 100% trim WOT.

    Correspondingly we can not maintain a plane, even lightly loaded below 3900-4000 rpms @ 21mph without ventilation jumping rpms around 100-150.

    We have tried moving the engine up a hole, two different props, adding a permatrim, taking the permatrim off etc..



    Stock hole 2 from top OFX4 19

    3800 rpm ventilation
    4000 rpm 21 mph slight venting 27% slip
    4500 rpm 26 mph slight porpoise 19.7% slip
    5400-5500 rpm 33-34mph 50% trim 14.5% slip
    5700 rpm 35 mph 100% trim 14.6% slip

    Adding permatrim

    3600 rpm 19.2mph 25.8% slip
    4600 rpm 27.5mph 16.9% slip
    5400 rpm 33mph 50% trim 15% slip
    5750 rpm 36mph 90% trim 13% slip

    Permatrim off raised to highest mount, Kens suggestion before buying a new prop.

    5600 rpm 35.2 mph 58% trim 12.6% slip
    5750 rpm 36.5 mph 100% trim 11.7% slip

    Permatrim off raised to highest mount, switched to OFS4 17 pitch

    3600 rpm 19.8 mph 0% trim 14.5% slip, minor venting
    3750 rpm 21.8 mph 23% trim 9.7% slip,
    5700 rpm 34 mph 50% trim 7.34% slip
    6000 rpm 36.5 mph 100% trim 5.5% slip

    The 17 pitch OFS4 grips well, almost no slip, no blow out in turns but some minor venting down wind where the OFX4 didn’t on the highest hole. The trade off with the 17 OFS prop is the added stern lift without the bow lift this boat likes to run efficient. If I trimmed out to get the bow up where it normally was on the OFX it would start to vent a little.

    I have read that older Powertech props may have had quality control issues with pitch. The OFX19 is a 2009 from what I can tell on the Serial Number.

    I would like an efficient cruise speed 3500-3600 rpms, with no venting while carrying a full load, and still be able to be around 6000 rpms WOT at or around 40 mph. Maybe this is to much to expect...


    1. Does it seem like the OFX4 19 is really a higher pitch, 20 or 21?
    2. Should I try to find someone with a “good” OFX4 19 to try.
    3. Should I try another prop like the Rev4?
    4. Should I put a 4in setback Jackplate and run the OFX4 19 I have just higher to get the RPMs up and lower when downwind/waves?
    5. Just buy an OFX4 17, lower the motor back down a hole, put the permatrim back on and call it a day?
    6. Try finding an OFX5 18 and see if that is the best compromise?

    Hope Ken and the group can guide me in the right direction.

    Appreciate the comments and advise in advance.

    PS. If there are any other Tideline 19 owners reading this would REALLY love to hear what your running and have to say.
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    One thing I notice is you were "stock" in the #2 hole. and that report says they were in #4.
    I'd also be curious if they had a Ttop on the test boat. (the boat pictured is just a picture, Not necessarily the boat they tested)
    Do you have a Ttop ?
    This looks like the one tested.

    Given your previous numbers, the OFS4 17 seems to be doing well.

    But I'd have Rich at Leading Edge Propeller go over your OFX4R19 and see what he can do with it.
    Yes, Powertech props vary, (still) but Rich can likely fix it.
    His contact info. phone 941 720 0710 best to call or text between 2-6pm
    email RichJunker87@gmail.com

    When your running these test, how much is in the boat?
    livewells full ? anchor and chain in the bow? Trolling motor, extra batteries? coolers and stuff? Ttop ?
    Just curious, as I've seen it make a surprising difference on smaller cats. Calcutta cats see a big difference in economy and speed depending on load too.

    Ken Reeves


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      Hi Ken,

      I sometimes get that confused on how to say it properly.

      Looking at the engine, in stock form, the engine bolts were mounted in the 2nd hole from the bottom .

      Example Stock:
      ( )
      ( )
      ( )
      ( )

      I could move 1 hole "up" and did. The engine is mounted as high on the transom as possible now.

      ( )
      ( )
      ( )
      ( )

      hope this helps clarify.

      Our boat has a bikini and all testing was done with it removed.

      We have a trolling motor on the bow, 7lb anchor in the bow locker, 2ft chain, Dual trolling Batteries mounted in center console with the 2 engine batteries. 20gal live well at center stern empty for testing. This is almost as close to the Suzuki test as I could make it.

      Testing was with normal loads.

      What are your thoughts on a Rev4 and would you have one to test?

      Does powertech allow tests of the OFX5 if I need a new prop?

      Would Rich be able to tell the exact pitch of the Original OFX4 19?

      I'll call him tomorrow.

      Thanks again.


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        Yes, he can see what pitch it is, and see what the cupping and leading edge look like. There is a lot more to it then just pitch.

        The Revolution 4 would definitely be a good one to try. Always runs well. I have them, just have to wait to get them back, they are out being run right now.

        No Powertech does not send out test props, and they don't even take returns on 5 blades, unless they changed their policy recently.

        Ken Reeves


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          Met with Rich. Great guy. Measured the pitch on our OFX19. Determined it was about 18 to 18.5 depending on the blade.

          He suggested balance and repitch to 17. We decided to hold off until we could try the Rev4 19 and a Rev4 17.

          Ken let us try the Revs.

          Rev4 19: boat light, 2 adults, full fuel, rear bimini.

          4250 RPM 24MPH 22% slip
          5650 RPM 35MPH 15% slip WOT

          Rev4 17: Boat loaded, 7 adults. Both Biminis, full livewell and gear, full tanks.

          4200 RPM 18MPH 33% slip
          4600 RPM 23MPH 20% slip
          6100 RPM 32MPH 19% slip WOT

          Rev4 17: Boat un-loaded, 1 adult no livewell no gear, half fuel.

          3700 RPM 17MPH 30% slip slowest plane
          4100 RPM 20MPH 24% slip
          6150 RPM 33.6MPH 15% slip WOT hitting 6200 rev limit on occasion.

          Overall the Rev4 felt very similar to the OFS4, entire boat lifted.

          OFS would not blow out or vent where the Rev would.

          OFS produced better speed and efficiency due to less slip.

          I believe this to be due to the more aggressive cup on the OFS and OFX.

          Maybe the Rev4 could grip the same with extra cup or the XC version.

          I'm going to try to get my hands on an OFX4 17 and see if it produces better numbers than the OFS.

          Anyone have one lying around in the SW Florida area?

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            Just for fun put the Permatrim back on and ran the Rev4 17 again.

            Rev4 17: 50% fuel 2 adults 4 kids bimini up.

            4000 RPM 18 MPH 30% slip
            4350 RPM 21 MPH 25% slip
            4600 RPM 23 MPH 22% slip
            4850 RPM 26 MPH 17% slip
            5150 RPM 27 MPH 18% slip
            6150 RPM 33 MPH 16% slip


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              still slipping quite a bit for some reason. But slip on paper isn't everything.
              If it feels decent and holds the boat well, it is what it is.

              Ken Reeves


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                Neat successor to the Caracal/Carolina Cat, have you reached out to Michael Collins at Tideline for help? (252) 230-8566


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                  We’ve added a Bobs Machine Shop Jackplate. Really great addition and are going to retest the OFX4 19 & 17 OFS4 17 and Rev4 17. Will post the final prop we go with.


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                    Any luck with the prop selection/engine height/permatrim combinations that made it run right?