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  • tidewater 1800 baymax prop help

    New boat with a alumin 3 blade 13 1/4" 19P prop on a 2017 merc 115 fourstroke and the performance is horrible. Top speed is 35MPH at 5300 rpms with the motor trimmed up to the point before it starts porpoising. Running the boat in NE FL on the ICW. Merc prop selector recommends a 17P 13 1/8 vengeance but it seems they do not make this prop any more. Please help.

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    I would start by checking engine height next time your out.
    here is a link with some pictures and video https://www.bandofboaters.com/forum/...gs-to-look-for

    I would drop down to a 15 pitch at least.
    The two that I'd choose from is the Quicksilver Q4. (same prop as the Mercury Spitfire X7) Its a little stainless 4 blade. good all around prop and still pretty quick.
    If you wanted a 3 blade, I'd go with the Powertech RED3, 16 pitch. similar to the Vengeance. Just a classic round eared stainless 3 blade.

    I have the Q4 available for testing if you like. thats $30 plus shipping.
    But if you buy either prop, you can still swap out for $35 plus shipping if you decide you want a different style or pitch.

    RED3 cost 299
    Q4 cost $359

    Either would likely be a stellar improvement over what you have. 19 is just too much pitch.
    But if you let us know how its handling, I can tell you which one I'd lean toward.

    You say the current prop is horrible and you mention porpoising.
    Are you trimmed up quite a bit before the porpoising, or does it start pretty easily?
    any ventilation, or anything else annoying that its doing?

    Ken Reeves


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      Just wanted to say thank you. I got the new prop installed and it is working great, I am seeing 6000 rpm and 43.5 mph and this prop gets me on plane so much faster. Additionally I can really trim the motor a lot more and it has noticeably more grip when making high speed turns.


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        WOW, thats big compared to the original post !

        Was this the one where we went with the RAF3 17 pitch from Powertech?
        I think we were originally going to get the NRS, but they were out, so we went with the RAF, which is the same prop but has a mercury style square hub ?

        Ken Reeves