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  • Action Craft 1910 prop help

    I need advice for a new prop. I recently purchased an Action Craft 1910 bay boat and re powered it with a new Suzuki 140. It currently has a 19 pitch Suzuki 3 blade prop on it and it is way underpropped. I don't know if 6700 rpms was where it really topped out or not, but I was terrified I was going to blow it up and pulled it back. Here are some of the numbers I got with the current prop.
    4000 rpms- 23 mph
    5000 rpms- 31 mph
    6700 rpms- 41 mph

    It also slips some in turns and starts to porpoise when only trimmed up very little.
    For what it's worth, I found an old performance report for the boat with a df140 and they were running a 14x22 Suzuki 3 blade. But this was the older model that had a 2.38 gear ratio and the newer ones have a 2.59:1
    I also read in some old posts that action crafts like the ofx4 props which I don't think are made for my motor.
    I'm guessing I need a 4 blade with around 21-22" of pitch, but I am by no means an expert on props and don't have a clue what model to consider.

    Thank you for any input you might have.

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    When you say the boat porpoises, are you also hearing ventilation by chance? Your prop is definitely not biting water if you lose contact in turns. With 140 horsepower, it initially sounded like you are under propped. But 19 pitch is not too far from the recommended 22 pitch. How high is the outboard set? Is there anything on the back of the transom that might be causing ventilation? Also, 6700 RPM seems quite excessive for any outboard, outside of a high performance racing setup.
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      I have always trimmed the motor back down to stop the boat from porpoising before it gets to the point of ventilation. With a little bit of tabs to hold the bow down, it is possible to trim the motor up to the point of causing ventilation though. The outboard is not set very high. It is on the second hole, which equates to the cavitation plate being 1/2" above the level of the keel. The boat has a "pocket drive" which I think is the main cause for the ventilation in the turns. The transducer is well to the side of the motor and no thru hulls in front of the motor.
      As for the 6700 rpms, you are correct about that being excessive. Suzuki recommends the max rpm to fall between 5600 and 6200 rpms for this particular model.
      All of the numbers with rpms and speeds I posted are with no tabs and the motor trimmed down enough so that it is not porpoising and no apparent ventilation.


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        Whatever they ran with the 22 pitch and the 2.38 gear ratio, you would theoretically have to run higher pitch to get the same numbers with your 2.59 gear ratio.

        One odd thing is your RPM, I'm surprised the rev limiter didn't kick in before 6700.

        Where are you located?
        Highest pitch I have for testing at the moment for that size gearcase would be a Quicksilver Nemesis 21 pitch stainless 4 blade. Same prop as a Mercury Spitfire X7.

        Small diameter, but has good bite and overall lift, be interesting to throw it on there and see what happens.

        Ken Reeves


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          I am located in Charleston, SC.
          I agree about the rev limiter. I don't know if it is supposed to kick in immediately, or if it takes 30 seconds or so to activate. I didn't run it that hard long enough to wait and find out.


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            Do you have the performance report with the older model DF140 ?
            If so, what RPM and GPS speed were they seeing with it?

            Its $30 plus shipping if you want to try the Q4.
            UPS will be running here later this week, Monday at the latest.

            Ken Reeves


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              Yes, I would definitely like to try out the q4. Just let me know what information you need from me and how to get it to you.
              I have attached a screenshot of the performance report that I was referring to as well.
              Thank you


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                Just give me a call for the test prop.
                I'll get your payment and shipping info then.

                Ken Reeves
                941 735 5808

                Ken Reeves


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                  Ok, so I got a chance to run the Q4 21 pitch today. I ran it with/against the wind/current and here are how the numbers averaged out. The prop still ventilates some in turns but definitely improved. I also noticed no porpoising at any trim with the Q4.

                  RPMS MPH
                  4000- 24
                  5000 - 31
                  6400 - 42
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                    Slip is 15% not horrible but still a little higher then I'd want.
                    I'm glad the porpoising went away.

                    so, you could either add a little cup to that Q4, which would make it hook up stronger, and drop you a couple hundred RPM which would put you right at the top of your range.

                    Or go with
                    The LNR4 is a 14 inch diameter 4 blade. the 21 pitch would give you a lot of sternlift and probably hold the RPM down where it needs to be.
                    they do make a 22 if you want to go higher.

                    Ken Reeves


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                      I thought I would post my results with the LNR4 21 pitch. Very happy with it.
                      4000 rpms 26 mph
                      5000 rpms 33 mph
                      6200 rpms 42 mph

                      Thanks for your help Ken.


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                        Sounds perfect ! thanks for posting the numbers !

                        Ken Reeves