1994 Pursuit 1950 CC/ 2004 Yamaha 150 2 stroke

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  • 1994 Pursuit 1950 CC/ 2004 Yamaha 150 2 stroke

    Looking for some help with propping her out. I think she can do a little more and I am not certain I have the right prop for the boat.
    current prop- 19M
    Motor mounted 2nd hole. motor sits in water correctly and I think thats the right location
    RPM 5100~5200
    Speed 45~47

    This is just a cruising load with a couple of people, full tank of gas

    Cruise speed @4000 RPM is 33-36

    Would like a little more bow lift and a little more top end...maybe

    Boat does get fished some and has a 30 gallon mid mounted live well. Assume 2 maybe 3 people + tackle + trolling motor and 3 more batteries. When the trolling motor is added is when the bow lift will be important (I think). I don't expect to see the above numbers loaded for fishing, I just want to make sure I am not damaging the motor by lugging it.


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    I have plenty of other information on boat including original performance test by Pursuit with a 115 and a 130. They could not provide any information on the 150. Also have pictures of the motor running at speed to show height of trim plate.

    The guy I bought the motor from had it on a 21' cape craft. Comparing the specs of the 2 boats looks like dry he's at least 600~800lbs more and he saw about the same numbers I am seeing.

    This past weekend I traveled about 90 miles at various speeds- no wake zones to 4000 rpm and only a few times up to 5000~5100 rpm just help clear out engine AVG was close to 3mpg. I run ring free 1oz/10gallons + marine 360 ethanol stabil + ethanol free gas ( from local gas station, hence the stabil because you never know what you are getting) + marvel mystery oil ( only reason I run this is because the previous owner ran it and I don't want to upset the apple cart)

    Bottom condition is clean/smooth mostly removed ablative bottom paint. I painted and did not scuff the hull because I did not want to re glass if I ever removed paint.

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      your at 7% slip at wide open, 47 MPH at 5200 RPM
      10% slip at cruise.

      Numbers will be hard to beat.
      What were the numbers on the 130 Yamaha?

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        attached is performance report from pursuit
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          Odd that both the 115 and the 130 got 41 MPH in those test.,

          Lets use their numbers for the 115, as those are fast with lower HP.

          2433 Weight.
          115 HP
          41.2 speed
          Hull factor = 190

          Leave that 190 hull factor in there, and now put in 150 HP. to calculate speed.
          47 MPH is what is predicted

          So I think your close, but if you wanted to run a different prop, My money is on the 19 pitch Mercury Tempest Plus.
          It will give you more bowlift, and if the boat likes it, maybe you'll pick up a little speed.
          Its a little easier to turn then the Yamaha SWS. so you might pick up a little RPM as well.

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]


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            Thanks Ken!! Please give me a price on the prop you recommend.

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              $30 plus shipping and I'll send you a test prop.

              But the price of a new on is $519 plus $45 for a hub kit.

              Ken Reeves
              [email protected]


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                I will call you tomorrow. Thank you!!