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    I apologize if this is in the wrong section of forum.
    I have an odd spray pattern on both sides of the motor. There are no obstructions between the transom and motor and trimming the motor has no effect on the spray pattern. I was thinking of raising the motor 2 holes. Before I do that, does anyone have any other ideas? I tried loading a video but I keep getting an error message. Hopefully the picture depicts what I’m referring to.

    Thank you in advance

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    The spray would mean to deep to me. Where is the ventilation plate when you are on plane? If it is digging into the water and creating the spray, raise it a hole or two.


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      That spray does happen when the engine is too low. You may want to take someone with you to take pictures, video or drive while you film from the back of the boat, for a better perspective.


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        Thank you. Might be quicker to raise it than find a camera man😁. Hopefully I can get it done in the next few days and test it out.


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          Does the spray go away or get worse when you "TRIM" the engine up or down?
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            It does not make a difference…

            UPDATE: I raised the motor 2 holes. Approximately 2-3 inches and it reduced the overspray about 80-90%. It also believe it will improve the top end speed. 3 adults and a full size cooler loaded and i was able to achieve 30mph. Thank you for the recommendations.

            Thanks again 🙏🏻


            • massbay
              massbay commented
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              each hole is 3/4"

            • LFBB
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              What engine do you have? If it was 1.5 inches too low you'll find it handles better now too. Good for you.

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            Another Bob satisfied customer 👍


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              It’s a Mercury 60hp. Not the Bigfoot.

              Definetely a Bob satisfied😁
              Glad I found the site. Awesome group!