Pathfinder 22 TRS w/200 SHO Propping

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  • Pathfinder 22 TRS w/200 SHO Propping

    Boat is a 2021 pathfinder 22 TRS with Yamaha sho 200. T top, three batteries in console and trolling motor on bow.
    Currently running a Yamaha SWS 19 three blade.
    Numbers running light are great can get 5600 RPM running 51 mph trimmed up to about 6 bars, no jack raise ). Cruise at 40 mph 4500 RPMs and get great economy running 30 miles an hour at 3500 RPM. Running light I do get mild porpoising and have to use some trim tab to stop it . Problem comes in when I have three people on board full tank and bait wells running at higher speeds I get worse porpoising and fuel economy suffers. Would switching to a different prop help correct porpoising an increase fuel economy at heavier loads and not affect light load running.
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    you are a little over propped, which is why you probably see a more dramatic difference in fuel economy and acceleration when you add a couple people.

    the Powertech OFX4 is a very popular prop for that hull, it will get along with the jackplate a lot better, meaning it will allow you to run at higher heights when you want/need to without ventilating as easily as your current prop might.
    it will also give you a lot of overall lift, which will help with that porpoising.

    I would suggest a 17 pitch.
    You can still run 50/51 MPH with a 17 pitch, you'll just turn 6000 RPM to get there, and have much stronger acceleration and throttle reponse throughout the RPM range.
    Economy at cruise loaded heavy may improve a little, mainly because you will probably not have to drag tabs.
    Economy with a light load will likely be worse, as your economy is probably fantastic with a light load now, as you are currently propped fine for a super light load.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]