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  • Ranger 2400 Bay / Mercury Verado 275

    I was able to make a good run this weekend and hit these numbers with a decent condition OFS3 19P. My boat is a 24' Ranger Bay with a 275 Verado. When I hit 48mph at 5500, I was excited, and then disappointed when it only gained 2mph with just shy over 500 more RPMs. The hole shot was fine. Actually, very good considering it has 5 group27 batteries and a full 72+ gallons of fuel. Here are the numbers:

    3500rpm 30mph
    4000 34
    4500 39
    5000 43
    5500 48
    6070 50 WOT

    Best reasonable cruising fuel consumption was 8.7gph at 3850.

    Does anyone know how to get mpg from the gph number? Are these good prop numbers figuring slip estimates?

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    MPH divided by GPH = MPG

    Your numbers are not bad.
    Your speed is about what I'd expect for that boat.
    you could go with a little lower pitch and gain some acceleration and throttle response and still get 50 MPH.
    a 17 pitch would turn 6400 to go 50 MPH but it would accelerate very strong.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]