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  • Wading into the new prop swamp - Help!


    I’m new to Band of Boaters. I’m here because I’ve been told that this is the place to go for the best, most knowledgeable advice on buying a new prop. I’ve been researching online but have lots of questions about matching diameter and pitch to get the performance characteristics I want.

    Sorry for the long note but I figured the more info the better.

    What I have is a 2002 22’ WA with a 2003 Yamaha SX200TXRB. My current aluminum prop has numerous dings, is pretty pitted and now has a bent blade. The only indicator I can find on the prop is “17M”. I assume the “17” is the pitch but wasn’t able to find what the “M” means; rotation indicator? The diameter is 14-1/4” or 14-1/2”.

    The engine specs say that WOT rpm range is 4500 - 5500. I haven’t been able to use the boat for the last two seasons but before that, when I ran it at WOT (prior to the bent blade), I believe I was getting around 4200 rpm, maybe I hit 4500 but certainly not above that. Speed was around 35 mph. This was on a calm river with very slow current. Numbers were pretty similar on a calm sea. From what I’ve read, at WOT the rpm should be at, or a bit above, the midpoint of the WOT range.

    I do pretty much all my boating in Nantucket Sound off of Yarmouth, MA which can get pretty choppy in the afternoon. I don’t tow skiers or wakeboarders so getting the quickest hole shot is not a performance priority. Speed is nice but I do not need to squeeze that last one or two extra mph out of the boat. Instead, what I am looking for is a prop that will help provide a decent ride, good maneuverability, help get and keep the boat up on plane in rougher water and increase fuel efficiency. I would sacrifice some fuel efficiency for better ride and maneuverability.

    I’m hoping I can find a dealer near me that will allow me to test different props but I’m not sure where to start. I’m thinking that the old prop may be the one that the boat came with. It looks 20 yeas old.

    As a baseline, should I start by testing a stainless prop with the same diameter and pitch and see how it runs? If I’m still getting around the same rpm’s at WOT should I drop the pitch to, say, a 15 to raise the rpm?

    What characteristics of a prop help with handling in rougher water and maneuverability?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome Gpag. Ken @ Prop Gods is a member here and he's a prop guru. He can fix you up right! I believe he will even let you test props for a small fee.


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      Just switching to stainless will decent improvement.


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        Originally posted by jmike View Post
        Welcome Gpag. Ken @ Prop Gods is a member here and he's a prop guru. He can fix you up right! I believe he will even let you test props for a small fee.
        I did not know that. Who??


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          ken2 is his handle.

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        Sorry guys I've been stuck on the phone and hadn't checked the forum in a couple days.

        I think GPAG emailed me and we got a prop coming to him.

        We are going with a Solas HR4 in 15 pitch. I've been using this prop a lot lately and been pretty happy with the results.
        good sternlift and traction. Gets super low slip numbers, I normally expect around 2-6% slip.

        Let us know what happens when you get the HR4 !

        I did have an old performance report on this boat that I found from an old email.
        The links are dead, but I am posting it just so we see the numbers as it hard to find the old reports anymore.
        . It was a 200 HPDI, the RPM range and gear ratio is the same as the OX66
        I'm sure they were lightly loaded for this test, but its just more info on the boat, so figured I'd post it here.

        Sea-Pro® 220WA

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          The boat hasn't been used in 2 years, I hope you took the time to clean the bottom so have a nice smooth surface to work that new prop with.
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