Prop change, 150 Mercury 4 stroke.

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    Woohoo 🎉🎉🎉.

    Ken is the MAN!
    I, today spoke in person with Propgod!


    Thanks Ken for the phoncon, I'll never wipe my phone again .

    Next stop, try out Enertia from dealer to established a baseline to see what works .

    Ken Rocks!!!



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      lol, Thanks !

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        Well, I borrowed a test prop today from my dealer, they did not have a 17p Enertia so instead loaned a 18P.

        The 18 is 14.2 diameter vs the 17's 14.5.

        I thought it might be too much prop but jumped on plane with Mimi bowrise and hooked well then first advanced throttle and it topped out at 46.3 vs 41 with aluminum 4 blade.

        To say I was 😲 is an understatement!

        Email in at Ken to see if I should drop down to a 17p as I was lighter than if I were with a fishing load, I want it to hit 5800-5850.

        I did see 5500 at 46 but I want Max rpm as I think it's better for long term Operation.

        Yes, my first experience with Stainless has been phenomenal, woohoo 🎉🎉🎉!!!

        Thanks BOB and all the experts present!



        • TomS
          TomS commented
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          Enertia's are awesome props on just about everything. The Enertia Eco is even better (for midrange fuel economy) if your motors can spin their bigger diameter.

        • LFBB
          LFBB commented
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          I would drop down for more RPM for sure, if you add a load to that rig you're going to drop another 200 RPM give or take.

        • bluewaterposer
          bluewaterposer commented
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          I shall need your advice, just waiting on Ken to comment than I'll have him order me a 17p Enertia!
          This is a quiet decision making process.

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        While your in fine tuning mode, are you going to raise the motor or not?
        will affect the outcome.
        If your motor height is correct for a 3 blade aluminum it's probably low for an enertia.


        • bluewaterposer
          bluewaterposer commented
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          I'm seriously contemplating this!

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        go 17, should turn a little more RPM, and accelerate a little stronger.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          Last update with 18p,
          RPM. Speed. Gph 3000. 20. 5
          3300. 25
          3500. 27. 6
          3800. 30. 7
          4000. 32. 8
          4500. 38
          5000. 42

          5400. 46. 14+

          Comments, mild porpoising below 4000 and at 32.

          Hard turns at speed mild cavitation corrected with turning back slightly.

          Seas 3-6


          Very light, optimal conditions, my end goals are better bite when it rough out of the inlet.

          Looking forward to picking up my 17P Enertia form Ken in person as it's an hour and a half from from Okeechobee to Sarasota.

          I bet it will be sooner than most anyone thinks, especially me!

          Funny thing is I can now cruise at my old Outboards top speed which is mildly amusing to myself