Pioneer 222 Islander w/200 Suzuki - Prop help

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  • Pioneer 222 Islander w/200 Suzuki - Prop help

    Hi All,
    I've recently purchased a 2019 Pioneer 222 Islander with a 200 Suzuki (fly-by-wire version), and I'm interested if a different prop could help with performance.

    The boat has a canvas T-top and is bottom painted. The prop that's on it is a Suzuki 3 blade 16x18.5.

    I've been a little unhappy with the hole shot - it seems a little sluggish, but not terrible. At slower speeds, the engine seems to rev higher faster/easier than other engines I've had recently (Yamaha 4-strokes and an E-Tec).

    I was able to get out today and run it pretty hard. Trimmed out pretty good (I probably could have done a little more), top speed was about 37 mph on the GPS at 5,850 or so RPM, making just about an even 2.0 mph. I thought I should have been able to hit a little over 40 mph, even with the bottom paint.

    At a cruising speed of about 25/26 mph, I was turning about 4,200-4,250 RPM, and getting about 3.6 mpg.

    It was just me on the boat (about 250 lbs) and just about a full tank of gas. Not much gear aboard.

    I guess I'm wondering if I could/would do better with a little more pitch or maybe with a 4 blade.

    Any help/advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!


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    3.6 MPG at 25 MPH is actually pretty good. You can see they only got about 3.2 with the F300 on the 222 Sportfish.
    (and that was a cold day with absolutely nothing in the boat)

    I'd be curious on your engine height.

    The strange part about your numbers... your fuel economy is good at the slow cruise, but terrible at 37 MPH.
    Notice they are getting 2.75 at 40 MPH, and your getting 2.0 at 37.

    I'd maybe play with that trim a lot more, make sure the tabs are fully retracted.
    Maybe the conditions were not the best when you were testing or something.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]