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    Just got a new to me 2008 2360 sailfish center console. Has a set of Yamaha 150s on it.

    During seatrial we could only turn 5300 before it would blow out trimming up cant remember the speed. I think right around 38kts. It had a set of reliance 13 3/4 reliance props which i believe are factory and factory claims like 6k at 50mph

    So i noticed the motors are down as far as they can go on transom. I believed someone lowered them due to a ventilation problem this boat supposedly has because most other same model boats are mounted on second hole

    I had a set of 14 1/2 mercury enertia 17p as a spare from old boat. I put them on this boat. Jumps up on plane flawlessly

    4000 is 26-27kts
    4500 30kts
    Wot 5700 38-39kts

    I did slip calculator i if i did it right i am at 4-6% slip in all ranges and makes me believe really no way to improve in any matters. Are my numbers correct?

    1 question would moving motors 1 hole up make that much difference in rpms where as the 19p reliance i am only turning 5300 and others are turning 5900?

    Are the 17p enertia a good prop for that boat motor and hull design?

    Should i shoot for more rpms? 5900-600k

    But times out there were 4 adults and 90 gallons of fuel

    Thanks for any info

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    I'm sure Ken will be along and chime in..
    As of April 2nd, boatless for the first time in many years.
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      I really like the Enertia propellers, and your numbers sound great to me.
      If they are hooking up great and there is no hint of ventilation or anything, then sure, I'd try to raise them a hole and see what happens.

      But I don't think you are going to beat the performance of the Enertia's
      Some guys have liked the Powertech PTZ4's and SCE4's but the Enertia's are fantastic props, I think I'd run them and enjoy it !

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]


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        Thanks ken!


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          i have a 2006 Sailfish 2360 CC but mine has twin F115s....I had to change out to Powertech 4 blades this elminated about 95 percent of all slip except for tight turns... I get about 41 mph and 5800 to 6k rpms...

          Just further info some people had success cleaning up slip by putting 4 to 6 inch spacers between the hull and engine brackets which helps clean up water and make it less aerated.. jist one example below