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  • Prop advice please

    I have a 2021 Suzuki DF250TXW on a Sea Pro 220CC 2007,
    Outboard was mounted in the lowest position and tried a 15X21 watergrip prop.

    15x21 watergrip prop
    46 Mph @ 6200 Rpm
    I has OK with speed and economy but felt I could do better. Slip is 15%.

    Raised outboard two holes, AV plate is still in the water so a tad too low still.

    15X21 watergrip prop
    40Mph @ 6200 Rpm
    Not good and fuel economy is worse also. Slip is 26%.
    Am I getting a lot of cavitation/ventilation here ???, any help would be appreciated.


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    Would love to see a picture of the bottom of the hull directly infront of the motor.
    Curious if there is anything on the transom or hull that could be disturbing the water to the prop.

    I'd want to try a Solas L3 Plus 15 3/4 x 21, and see if it drops the RPM.
    or if you can get your hands on a 16 x 21.5 suzuki from the dealer, see if that one hooks up better.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thanks Ken,
      Nothing on the hull other than the raw water pick up to the port side, went up two hole as that's where my 200 HPDI was, had no problems with that and gained performance.
      I'll see about a 16X21.5.


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        Hey Ken,
        Tried a Solas L3 Plus 15 3/4 x 21,
        45 [email protected] Rpm.
        Planed off well and fuel economy improved at cruise, 9-10 Gph @ 30 Mph 4200 Rpm.
        Still gonna try the 16X21.5 when I can get one but I think the Solas is a keeper if only for a good spare.


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          Thanks for the followup !

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]


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            I was just reading another thread and didn't realize you sold Solas props, didn't see a mention of it on your website. Sorry mate, I would've purchased from you had I had known.
            The Suzuki props are being supplied be the dealer as I've paid for it with the motor install.


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              OK so another follow up.
              Weird thing is the next day after the short test with the Solas prop I couldn't achieve those numbers again, had the Wife with me and a cooler full of beer but didn't expect to see such a drop.
              42Mph @ 6200 Rpm .

              Tried a Suzuki 16X21.5 this past weekend,
              40Mph @ 5500 Rpm
              30Mph @ 4000Rpm cruise which I was happy with.
              This is with half a tank of fuel , two people and a full cooler. I'm worried that with a full tank (105 gal) and provisions for a week in the Bahamas would seriously effect these numbers.
              What do you think Ken ??, should I drop the motor down a hole and go back with the 15X21 ? or even drop it back down all the way ?.


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                Weird that the numbers are changing that much. and slip is still high.

                Maybe had a little cup added to that Solas prop you have to give it a little more traction and bring the slip down.

                Ken Reeves
                [email protected]


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                  Dang! A new outboard and you didn't tell us! Shame. .

                  Get it propped, good luck.



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                    Scrapped some barnacles off the hull (was good last time I checked, that happened quick), wasn't really bad but wanted a clean bottom for the test.
                    Raised the outboard up one more hole, now the AV plate looks like it's where it should be.

                    16X21.5 Suzuki prop
                    46.6Mph @ 6000 Rpm , slip is 14% 32 Mph @ 4000 Rpm 10 GPH Cruise. slip is 10%
                    Happy with that.

                    Thanks Ken, I'll have a little cup added to the solas prop and that should yield similar results for a good spare.


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                      crazy how quick the growth happens !

                      Ken Reeves
                      [email protected]