Prop help - SouthBay 224SB2 w/250SS

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  • Prop help - SouthBay 224SB2 w/250SS

    Looking for some advice for a replacement prop for my 2021 SouthBay tritoon - 24ft with full 3rd log (3.0 package) with Suzuki 250SS. Currently has the stock Suzuki 3-blade 16” diameter x 20” pitch prop.

    I’m currently getting 47-48 mph at 6000-6100 rpm with 20ish gallons of fuel and our typical load of people/gear.

    With a light chop, myself, and 15-20 gallons of fuel I can hold 50mph at 6200-6300 rpm. Speed is GPS, rpm is going off the factory gauge.

    In both cases it tends to porpoise above 45mph.

    I’m planning on raising the motor 1 hole to start as I can trim it out all the way under WOT and it doesn’t blow out. With doing that I’ll likely be hitting the rev limiter so I’m looking to replace the prop I have now with either a Suzuki 3-blade 16x21.5 pitch or Enertia Eco 16x21.5 pitch. Anyone have any other suggestions/insight? Is one better suited to help with porpoising?

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    The ECO's are hard to find right now.
    your slip numbers are actually a little higher then I would expect.
    Normally the suzuki props are down around 2-5% slip, your at 12% I'm curious if your gaining speed all the way to 6100 or if you are just gaining the RPM but no speed.

    Given the slip numbers, you'll just have to experiment and see.
    Sometimes the tritoons actually like the motor a little deeper, which gives them a little more leverage to hold the bow up.

    The other option would be to add a little cup to your 20 pitch, especially out at the tips of the blades.
    Where are you located?
    You could probably modify that prop for about 100-130 bucks and gain a little bit of traction and bowlift.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]