Propeller Advice - 2020 Skeeter SX2550 Bay Boat

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  • Propeller Advice - 2020 Skeeter SX2550 Bay Boat

    I have a 2020 Skeeter SX2550 Bay Boat with a 300 HP Yamaha. The engine has a factory prop, Yamaha Saltwater Series II.(19T - 15-1/4)

    The prop has some wear and tear on it and I was thinking of getting a new prop and am wondering what you reccomend that is going to give me the best overall performance.

    The stern of the boat seems pretty heavy. It has (4) batteries under the rear casting platform. A 15 gallon fresh water washdown tank, A 40 gallon live well in th eleaning post. Another 40 gallon live well under the casting platform.

    I would rather have a good all around performence prop. I'm not concerned about losing a few MPH on the top. I'm hoping you can reccomend a new prop that will make the boat pop out of the hole and onto plane.

    Thanks for your help. Looking forward to getting your reccomendations.

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    My go to prop would be a Powrtech OFX4 in 19 pitch and expect mid to high 50's.
    light load, nothing in the boat, you could probably crack 60 but that is obviously not how you run

    I'd go 19 pitch Powertech OFX4 and see what happens.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thanks for your reply.