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    New 22’ SB bitoon,25” tubes with strakes. 150 Merc 4S, initial,prop was 15.3x14 Enertia 35 mph gps , 4900-5000 rpm wot 6 adults, they swapped it out for a 16x11 Enertia, rpms 5700 now, 29 gps , both pulled skiers out of water easily… They are going to try a different one this week, they were thinking about 4blade 17 so it must be smaller diameter? am off for 10 days so they can have the boat..
    They dont want me lugging the motor for warranty issues, I could live with 35ish but was hoping for more…
    It will live its life pretty loaded up pulling toys,

    Thanks for any help…

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    14 pitch, 1.92 gear ratio, 5000 RPM at 35 MPH is negative 1% slip.
    11 pitch, 1.92 gear ratio, 5700 RPM at 29 MPH is 6% slip

    I'd tell them to try a 13 pitch Enertia, or Q3 (same prop)

    Your slip numbers are a little odd on the 14, maybe you had a little current on that one.
    is it a Pro XS or just the regular 150 4 stroke ?

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thanks Ken,
      Stock 150, My 3 kids ran out tonight without me, 30 gps, 5600 on the 11P Enertia.


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        Doing more digging last night I ran accross Turning Points calculator...
        It was the only one that listed my boat,
        Sort of confused now as my sales rep though it would take a Enertia 15x15, Came with a 15.35x14 and now has a 16x11 on it...( He also though i should see ~38-40 with the strakes)
        The Service manager told me he only deals with rpms not speed and the speed is what it is as long as the rpms are good ...
        I'm not looking to set records but it was one of the key factors when deciding what engine to get ...

        I am going to have them put the Enertia 13P on it like you recommended, I may as well end up with a few props as well so the question is
        Does the drop in diameter allow to use a higher pitch prop and get some more speed out of it? Looking at base prices of a Hustler 3 blade i don't mind throwing a few options at the boat ...

        I am also not married to stainless either ...
        I have a wall full of mangled props from my time in the rivers and musclebeds of NH seacoast and having teenagers learning how not to drive a boat...
        A $130 prop is cheaper than an outdrive ...

        As always thanks for your time
        It is greatly appreciated

        Click image for larger version

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          so 5600 RPM at 30 with an 11 pitch is 1% slip.

          Your tachometer may be set wrong.
          Your getting crazy low slip numbers with both props. getting 1 and negative 1% slip on a tritoon is a little odd.

          if its on the wrong setting, you may have been fine with the first prop, but the tach was just reading lower then it was actually turning.

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]


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            Bitoon with lifting strakes…


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              Yeah, but your still going faster then mathematically possible

              Ken Reeves
              [email protected]


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                I am goin* to shop tomorrow to check…
                Have been in Kitchen remodel hell for a week…