Propeller Advice: 2015 Campion Chase 580 with Yamaha 200SHO (flashed to 332hp)

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    Rich Junker at Leading Edge Propeller has done a lot with the Scorpions.
    he can get more RPM out of it if needed, without hurting the performance of the prop.
    wish they made a 19 pitch, as a lot of guys just can't turn the 21.

    Just got my Nizpro kit, I'm about to do mine tomorrow !

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      I will look into having it modified during my off season. Gonna get my tach verified as well so I can be more confident in the numbers.

      Hope the Nizpro kit works well for you!!

      Thanks again Ken


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        Good day Probie ! hope you still member on this site , my name is Ken ( not the propeller pro ) i just bought a Chase 580 2019 and Vmax 200 2019 , my max speed is between 53 to 55 mph with a M21 by 14 1/2 inch , speed on GPS , my RPM is too high 6600 on my Faria tach , engine mounted at the highest hole , the dealer said to me my tach is not right because a alarm should ring over 6000 rpm ( over rev ) I dont hera anything over 6000 , anyway next week I will compare the tach rpm gauge versus the real rpm by the flywhell so I knoe where I am exactly , but its not my first boat and I do ski and I can tell you that thing pull like no tommorrow and gets on step like crazy , so I I can go to a 23 pitch ( if my RPM is real at 6600 )now they have those ventilated prop by Yamaha bfor SHO but they are 15 inch ( I guess almost like your 14 7/8 ) I am puzzle for the prop , can you help , and may you tell me what exactly I have to do or a web site to make this Vmax go up 250 HP , Thank you !


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          Congrats on the bought purchase. I would have to agree that your gauge may be off as you should hear alarms or feel it "studder" when bumping the rev limiter. Once you check your gauge you will know if you can spin the 23P.

          Based on your numbers of 6600rpms, 21P, 1.75 gearing with a 10%slip(guess) you should be doing 66mph!!! So I think you will find that your tach is way off and or your prop slip is excessive.

          Now, to bump up your horsepower, the kit I went with was from Nizpro out of Australia. It will take your 200hp to 332hp by simply reprogramming the ECU.

          Question for you, how is your steering at full throttle and max trim? Mine got incredibly stiff and difficult (impossible) to turn right.


          • Nate
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            Thank you !
            ok I heard about NIZPRO but was not sure if the result was good , now I know it works ! For the steering , mine is easy but my speed is much lower than you , I will say my Larson with a 150 HP yamaha on it was terrible , exactly like yours .

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          Not a problem.

          The guys at Nizpro were awesome to deal with. Good luck


          • Nate
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            ok thank you and may I ask you what prop you use with your modification now , and do your M21 by 14 7/8 prop is for sale ?