Propeller Advice: 2015 Campion Chase 580 with Yamaha 200SHO (flashed to 332hp)

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  • Propeller Advice: 2015 Campion Chase 580 with Yamaha 200SHO (flashed to 332hp)

    Looking for some help on what prop to buy. Top speed is important but would still like all round good performance.

    Boat is 19.2ft and about 2700lbs loaded. Yamaha 200SHO flashed to 332hp with rev limiter at 6400rpms

    Before flashing the motor it would do 58-61mph (GPS) at 5600-5700rpms with a Yamaha 21M x 14 7/8" prop.

    After flashing I saw 64-65mph at 6400+ rpms with the original 21M prop but was bumping the rev limiter so I did know what actual rpms were.

    Had access to a Quicksilver HighFive 25P x 13 1/4". This prop provided 64-66mph at 5400-5500rpms.

    So based on those numbers and using a few online calculators I ordered 23P x 14 3/4" Solas Lexor. It gave 65-66mphs at 5300-5400rpms but had to trim it out to the max to even get those rpms. That result confuses me as I should have had way more rpms. That prop behaved like a big 25P prop??? It also "vented" or lost grip out of the hole just before dropping on plane.

    I am leaning towards another 23P prop. Maybe a 4 blade??

    Live in northern Ontario, Canada so finding a place that allows swapping props is difficult.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'd want you to try a Solas 21 pitch Scorpion.
    Would be an interesting prop to try.
    and yes, Solas props can be a little steep on pitch. not a bad thing, just have to expect that when your choosing which pitch you want.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thanks Ken. I can give that a try for sure. Not what I was thinking or expecting as a recommendation at

      Was looking more at a 23P OXF4, Rev 4 or Quicksilver.

      So you feel that the Scorpion will give me the RPMs closer to the 6000 range? If it is a little steep on pitch then it will be an interesting try for sure.

      Thanks again


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        Just read a bunch of reviews on the Solas Scorpion and it sounds like it is going to be a very interesting try for sure.....

        Thx again.


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          What does it mean to flash an engine? And how do you get 300 + HP on a 200 HP eng?
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            Basically it just means that you reprogram the ECU to provide more fuel, air, timing etc. There are several companies that do this however the company I went with provide a programmer and a file so you can do it yourself. (no need to ship your ECU across the country)

            Motors like the Yamaha 4.2L SHO series are identical in the block, injectors, exhaust, gearing etc from 200 - 300HP. Only real difference is how they use fuel, air, timing, etc.

            Hope that answered your question.


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              From the guys that post numbers on the scorpion, I normally expect around 1-3% slip, which is not a good or a bad thing, just helps you figure out what pitch you need.
              "if" you could turn a 21 pitch 6000 RPM at 2% slip, you'd be running 67 MPH. if you could turn a little higher, you could run faster, just have to see.

              Ken Reeves
              [email protected]


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                I have been reading a bunch of great reviews on the Scorpion. Many stating that it out performed their expectations by a lot. I'm ordering the prop today but the hub that is backordered. Will definitely post numbers when I get a chance.



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                  the hubs are the same as mercury hubs.
                  just get the prop. you can buy the hub anywhere.
                  I suggest the Solas 203B I know they make a different one for the SHO, but I still prefer the 203B

                  Ken Reeves
                  [email protected]


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                    Thanks for the hub info. Will update with numbers as soon as I get a chance.


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                      Ken, sorry but I have another question regarding the Solas Scorpion before finalizing the buy.
                      As I stated earlier I can not swap out props so once I buy it, it is mine to deal with. And up here in Canada it will be about $750US ($900Cdn)

                      It looks like Solas has changed the Scorpion prop slightly. It now comes with adjustable vents and a slightly longer (1/2" - 3/4") and flared barrel. I understand that the vents will make it easier to adjust hole shot but do you think the longer flared barrel will impact the general performance on the top? Been reading some reviews on the newer version and most still seem impressed but no real discussion on whether or it still performs like a bigger or more stiff prop.

                      Any feedback will be appreciated.


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                        Solas props in general are always very low on slip numbers.
                        Its not a good or bad thing, its just the way they make their props.
                        I'd still expect 2-5% slip

                        Ken Reeves
                        [email protected]


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                          First I must apologize for the year long delay in posting results. Had a hard time getting the Solas Scorpion 21P with appropriate hub, been super busy etc.

                          I finally got a chance to install it and give it go a few weeks ago.

                          The Scorpion seems to be an awesome all round prop, hole shot, cruising, staying on plane, grip etc but did not give me the rpms I was hoping for.

                          Here are the results:

                          GPS 63mph @ 5600

                          I can get rpms a bit higher but need to trim way too much to achieve it.

                          Again, I am very satisfied with the prop and will be keeping it on as my best all round performance so far. Thanks for the recommendation Ken!!!

                          Just a quick question on this prop. As it is a quite large prop at 15.25", could this be one of the main reasons why rpms are not higher?


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                            Yes, the S3 is a quite big prop, and it's possible the size itself leaves you short of some mphs/rpms compared to the smaller diameter props you've tried. That said, the S3 has really good bite and would probably perform optimal with a higher engine mounting height. Compared to the 3x14,75x23 Lexor, the S3 will easily allow for raising the engine one hole up. Maybe 2 holes. Also check if hull is clean.

                            I've run the Lexor 3x15x21 and the oem 3x14,75x23 Suzuki-prop on my DF150, and now I just got the new S3. I have a similar style boat that likes a little bit bowlift, and I absolutely love how the S3 performs on my boat - even on my low geared Suzuki. Good traction even at lower speeds (of course not like a big 4 blade - but adequate to my needs). The S3 is my favoute prop together with the Bravo 1 FS.

                            If you can't gain more mph's/rpms with the S3, but like the behavior/ride-quality of the S3 on your boat you could try the lower pitched Bravo 1 FS (22"). Should give you more rpms given the low slip% on the S3 and similar handling/ride-quality. But it's a pricy prop and probably diffult to get right now. So I'd try to either:
                            - Raise the engine one or 2 hole(s) and make sure the hull is clean
                            -Or maybe have a good propshop take a look at it, and see if it can be pitched down 1" since 21" is the lowest pitch S3 is offerd in by Solas.

                            And I might add: Finding the right pitch and getting the rpms right is the "easy" part when it come to props - unless the "right" prop isn't offered in the pitch you need. Finding a prop that suits you and what the boats needs relative to handling, can be harder. So don't give up on the S3 just yet if you like it.
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                              Like you the S3 seems to be the "best" prop so far for all around performance. Motor is currently mounted as high as it can go and the hull is as clean as it can be, as it sits on a lift while not in use.

                              Think I will look into finding a shop that can possibly "modify" it during the off season but will continue to look at other props as I don't want to mess with how good it performs now.