Prop help - Everglades 273cc with Yamaha 250

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  • Prop help - Everglades 273cc with Yamaha 250

    I have a 2020 Everglades 273cc with twin Yamaha 250's. Power feels good, boat handles well and seems extremely stable. However, I'm struggling to keep the bow up. This hull requires lots of trim for a dry ride and if I put much trim into it, it seems to struggle to keep the bow up. Is getting more bow lift by changing a prop really achievable?

    Currently boat has PowerTech OFS3

    I created a chart with plotted speed vs RPM, those numbers appear good. But if there is a prop that would provide more bow lift, I'd love to hear the advice. Thanks!

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    Where are you located?
    Having a good prop guy add some cup to the tips of the blades would give more bowlift.

    I assume you have tabs fully retracted when your running?
    I'd be curious how they look with a straight edge coming off the bottom of the hull.

    I'd also be curious how your motors are aligned.
    shoot me an email, I had another guy with the same boat that was also trying for more bowlift, I'm emailing him to see if he tried what I wanted.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]