CS Sea Chaser 175 th prop selection

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  • CS Sea Chaser 175 th prop selection

    2005 Carolina Skiff 175 Sea Chaser rolled gunnel. Hull 1410 lbs. Just put 2006 Merc 4 stroke 115 hp on back. I have no starting point to determine prop. Looking for overall performance and plan is to go with stainless 3 blade. I’m guessing 13.50 diameter with 17 pitch and I have little to no basis for this. Anyone with similar set up can offer insight.

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    Well, I'm thinking low 40's, mainly because the 18 ran 42 with a Zuke 115 with a light load for the test.

    Assuming you have the standard gearcase, not the Command Thrust.
    2.07 gear ratio, shooting for around 5800-6000 I'd say 16 or 17 is about right, kinda depends on the specific model you choose.

    Going to have a jackplate ?
    How do you plan to load the boat? a couple people and fishing gear, or just one or two people looking for top end.
    doing water sports ?

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]