Blazer Bay 2420 GTS prop suggestions

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  • Blazer Bay 2420 GTS prop suggestions

    I just purchased a 2018 blazer bay 2420 GTS with a 350 verado. Currently has a 23.5 bravo 1 I believe. Was told a 24.5 bravo 1 I should see 65mph and a 25 bravo fs should see 67mph. Just wondering if anyone else had any suggestions. Looking for a good all around prop with good hole shot and good speed. Boat has sit down bubble console.

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    Depends on how you actually plan to load it.
    What RPM and GPS speed do you get currently with the boat loaded however you actually plan to use it?

    if your standing on the limiter with throttle left over, you can go up a little in pitch and see what happens.
    could have that 23.5 brought up in pitch a little also, instead of buying a new prop.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]