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  • Chaparral 285SSI Prop

    I have a 285SSI, the boat is 7200 lbs dry, so must run 8500-9000 loaded fuel, people etc... It has Mercury 5.0MPIs (260 HP) mated to Alpha One drives with Mirage Plus 19* props in good shape. I picked it up in the fall and went for a shakedown last weekend, it came on plane well with me and 1 friend plus 50-60 gallons of fuel, we cruised at 3000RPM, 30-35 on GPS at 1/8-1/4 trim and 1/3 throttle. As I pushed the throttle further it didn't seem to respond as I thought it would, It did hit 42 on GPS but was slow to get there then I let off.

    In know this is not great data, poor RPM reference etc...the dual tach in the boat is semi functional and I will change that soon to get some real data, I'm thinking the Mirage Plus are big wheels for the small V8, I thought they were more suited to big block go fast type boats?

    What props would be a good fit for good overall performance?

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    The Mirage Plus is a great all around prop. Cruises well, gets good economy, it would be one of the first sets I'd have told you to get.

    I'd definitely experiment with trim a little more. don't be afraid to trim up a little further at faster cruise speeds.
    Some boats can be very trim sensitive, and if you were only trimmed up 1/4, you may find it much more responsive when its trimmed up a little more.

    You might end up wanting a different set of props, but play around a little more with them and get some good numbers.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]