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    Looking to prop my boat to better suit my need / preference. Hard to find any info on this boat... most seem to stick with whatever the dealer puts on it or if they are experimenting its for top speed. Im looking to improve performance running offshore in swells and a chop. I need to be able to run a bit slower when it gets rough and need more power to climb swells when running down sea. I have tried an OFX 4 19" it ran pretty good but I did not like that it pushed the middle of the boat down in the water (like if I was using some tab). Yesterday I was able to try a friends REV4 XP 18.5". Overall the prop did wow me a bit heres some #s of SWS II and Rev 4.(all prop numbers are with jackplate @ 1.75", no trim tabs, motor trim to neutral, rear livewell full, 1 person (240lb), full fuel and normal gear and coolers)

    SWS II
    RPM mpg Speed
    3200 3.6 27.7
    3500 3.6 32.3
    3600 3.3 33.3
    3700 3.3 33.3
    3800 3.1 34
    3900 3.1 34
    4000 3.1 36
    wot = 5700 @ 54mph WOT= 5700 @ 55.1 ,mph

    REV4 XP 18.5"
    3200 3.3 21
    3500 3.1 25.5
    3600 3.1 28.2
    3700 3.1 30.5
    3800 3.3 35.6
    3900 3.1 36.1
    4000 3.1 37.6
    WOT= 5700 @ 55.1 mph

    ECO 18"
    3200 3.8 27.9
    3500 3.6 31.8
    3600 3.6 34.1
    3700 3.6 34.8
    3800 3.3 35.9
    3900 3.3 36.6
    4000 3.1 37.8
    WOT= 5500 @ 52.5

    Issues I was having with the SWS II was running up swells it sounded and felt like it would start cavitating like it was losing traction and it took alot of throttle to get it up the wave and even then would struggle and she needs to run a bit to fast to stay on plane than Id prefer (running in rough seas)

    The REV4 was impressive am able to slow down, ran it in some steep 2 to 2.5 chop and could ease along at about 17-18 mph and not get beat up. Did well running down sea in same conditions power did not seem to be an issue climbing waves every now an then only had to move the throttle slightly on the bigger ones and boat immediately responded. Possible cons... it carries the bow higher than the SWS until about 37-3800 RPM. I tend to cruise around at 33-3500 rpm and didnt care for the bow up attitude so I hit the tabs down about 2" to bring it down and it ran more like the SWS in that regard.

    So I am pretty tickled with this prop not sure it is the "right one" or pitch.... thats why Im asking for input here. Will have access to an ECO 18" soon and honestly from what Ive read on it thought it would be the right one.... If I can get most of the characteristics of the rev add mileage and maybe settle the bow a bit Id be stoked. So appreciate any feedback and recs on props / pitch thanks in advance.
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    ECO will be a fun one to try. anxious to see how the economy does.

    But the Revolution 4 is a great all around prop, always runs well.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Added info above for the ECO. I liked it... preferred it over the SWS II for sure but I think maybe a 17" would be a better comparison to the REV but as it stands now I prefer the rev. I tried to clean up the numbers spacing them out but it wont save them that way.. sorry. So now that we have some numbers what can be deduced from them? Any recs on pitch for ECO and Rev based on these?


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        ECO definitely did well on economy !

        17 ECO would get your RPM up a little higher, don't know if economy will change much or not.

        But economy isn't everything, if you like the way the Rev 4 holds the boat, enjoy it.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]