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  • Tempest Plus 22P problems

    Good morning all! I'm hoping for some advice on a prop issue I'm having. I currently run a 20' Lund Predator with a 225 Optimax ProXs. The boat came with a Tempest Plus 21P, no custom work done to it and with large hole exhaust port plugs. The boat LOVES this prop and does everything very well except that trimmed out I'm hitting my redline (6000rpm). My immediate thought was to purchase a 22P hoping to drop the RPM down by 200 with the same top speed or perhaps even get close to redline but gain a few MPH. Well, I bought a brand new TP 22 and have now lost every one of the characteristics that I loved about the 21P...

    - The 22 is running about the same RPM as the 21 but I'm 4-5mph slower.
    - I have no bow or hull lift and the boat feels heavy and sluggish
    - I'm blowing out on the holeshot even with solid plugs
    - Overall handling has diminshed

    My engine height details are:
    - 4" manual jackplate
    - My normal engine height is set at 5" from center of prop shaft to pad. Went to 4" and 6" with 0 difference

    With the 21P I was running:
    - 58.5mph @ 6000rpm. -I believe this was about 13% prop slippage
    -3.1 second 0-20mph holeshot, 4.7 second 0-30mph.

    With the 22P I'm running:
    -54mph @5900rpm
    - Holeshot sucks due to cavitating/blowing out

    So, did Mercury screw up on this prop and it's actually a 19P? Has something changed in the design (cup maybe?) and the lack of bow lift is slowing me down? Any suggestions/help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks all

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    Yes, props vary a lot more then people realize.
    A good prop guy can fix that prop and make it run like its suppose to.

    I'd suggest rich Junker at leading Edge Propeller. phone 941 720 0710
    He's the only guy I use for modifications. He's slow to get it done and hard to reach on the phone, but does amazing work.
    Mark Croxton is another popular one that does good work too.
    Either could fix your Tempest and make it run like its suppose to.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


    • Woodsypete
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      Thank you Ken! It's very frustrating to spend $800cdn on a brand new prop and it ends up being a turd...

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    Yeah, it can be very frustrating for sure.
    Thats why most like buying props from me, as I allow people to return them, or swap out if needed.

    Good news is, you can probably sell that prop for a pretty decent price, as noone has them in stock right now, and I don't think anyone is going to get them anytime soon.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]