Prop Advice for 14ft Livingston With 30hp Suzuki

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  • Prop Advice for 14ft Livingston With 30hp Suzuki

    Boat is a 14 foot Livingston with a Suzuki DF30A four stroke, long shaft with remote controls. Existing prop is a three blade 10-1/4 × 12. Speed with throttle wide open is 17 mph, max rpm with throttle wide open is 5,000 rpm. Advertised operating range for this engine is 5300 to 6300 rpm.

    Problem: Acceleration feels sluggish and engine speed does not get into advertised power band.

    Question: Do you have any prop recommendations to improve pickup and get the motor into it's power band? Would like to get the engine to about 5500rpm at w.o.t.. Increasing the top speed about 2 to 3 mph would be a bonus. Have included a picture to show how the boat sits.

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    What little I know...For me the bigger diameter props gripped the water better without blowing out.. So, if you are not blowing out or cavitating in turns I would say drop down to a 10 pitch. That would get your RPM's up and acceleration [ hole shot ] would improve. Luckily for you I think that size aluminum props should by affordable. Long shaft ? Lots of info out there about motor mounting height. You might look into that. I now own 4 props for 1 boat, each one performs a little different.
    Good luck


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      FWIW, for larger motors my 'go to' guy is Ken from PropGods, but I use this calculator for small boats and low HP motors. It works really well!

      It has your specific motor (DF30A) and hull (LV14) listed and I came up with this for 1 battery, 2 people, 12-gallons of gas and 50-pounds ofmisc gear carried, see picture.Like PRopGos, Turning Point will swap out and replace any prop you buy with another one to make sure you are satisfied.

      Their best prop IMHO, which unfortunately is not an option for that motor, is their 4-blade 'pressed aluminum' [think forged] prop where the blades are almost as thin as SS. That said, 2 people at my boat club had Livingston hulls and to a man ...they both call them 'dogs'. Big, wide and stable ... yes, but not speedboats by any stretch of the imagination, nor even any performance close to that of a typical 14' V-hull.

      Now if it were mine, I'd prop it to be no more than 100, maybe 200 RPMs off the max RPMs with 1/3rd to 1/2 fuel, 1 person aboard, with all normal gear carried. I too think I'd source a 10" pitch prop ... as you're lugging that motor.

      Click image for larger version

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        Thanks all for the input. Just trying to become more informed on prop selection to avoid the need to purchase too many props in search of the right one. Will try PropGods.


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          I'd suggest a 10 pitch Powertech SWC3.
          They are on my website,
          it has great traction, which you need on a single engine cat.
          as the guys above said, when you go to the lower pitch your likely going to win on both ends, accelerate stronger and actually go faster on top end.

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]


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            IMO you'd want more then 5500 RPM, closer to the 6K mark at least. The small Livingston boats are not known for speed, when I researched them I was surprised at how slow they were compared with other boasts of their size. Most 14' boats with a 30 will easily reach 25-30 MPH.