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  • Sweetwater tri toon prop

    I purchased a 2019 22' tritoon with 27 inch tubes and a Yamaha 150 long shaft. The dealer installed a Mercury 16x14 3 blade prop. Many of the boats I see with a similar set up are running 14.5x15 SS props. My boat will run 32 to 34 mph at 6100 rpm. The aluminum prop is showing signs of wear in the blades (not impact)
    want to switch to a SS prop to increase speed and stay in the WOT range it is running. Ideas?

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    Call or email me.
    The Powertech PTZ3 would be a good all around 3 blade that I like on the F150's.
    I happen to have a 15 pitch sitting here.
    [email protected]
    941 735 5808

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]