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    Obviously besides a Q4. What prop is comparable to a rev 4 19p

    Buddy 23ft tidewater f250 (3.3)

    running a saltwater series 19p. I think its work because he can hit rev limiter at 6100 and 36kts
    cruise 4500 24-25kts

    We tested a rev 4 20. Was surprised our rpms dropped so much (why i think the saltwater series 19 was worn) 4500rpm 30kts WOT 5500 38kts. So realistically a 20p will work but probably prefer a 19p to get rpms up just a hair .

    So two questions do you think performance can get better?

    What other 4 blades comparable to the rev 4?


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    Your slip is actualy higher then I would have expected for that 20 pitch Rev 4.
    your at 16% slip with those numbers, and I'd normally expect about 10. I'm curious if you were just really trimming out a lot trying to get the RPM up and the last few hundred didn't gain any speed.
    Given your speed of 38 KTS, I'd say go to a 17 pitch Rev 4, and Expect about 6000 RPM, great acceleration and about the same top end.

    The Powertech OFX4 is their closest prop to the Revolution 4.

    Which Tidewater is it? looks like they have the 232, 230, 2300, just wanted to see if I could find any numbers on your exact boat.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Thanks for response. Tidewater 230LX

      So again saltwater series prop 19p (came with boat)

      4500rpm 25kts
      WOT trim up 6100 36kts (Hitting rev limiter)

      20p rev 4 (used)
      4500rpms 30kts
      WOT 5500-5600 38-39kts trim up


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        Both were same day. Full of fuel 2 adults 2 kids


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          I agree, your 20 is fine, but a 19 would be nicer.
          Occasionally they pop up used.
          I actually saw quicksilver Q4's on Amazon for about 700 each.

          Or you can get the OFX4 in 19

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]