SS Prop for a Chaparral 220 SSi

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  • SS Prop for a Chaparral 220 SSi

    Looking to upgrade from a four blade 14x20P aluminum prop to a four blade SS. Power plant is a stern drive Merc 5.0 MPI with an Alpha One out drive. Dry wight of the boat is about 3,900 lbs and can get the boat up to 51 MPH with 4,900 RPM at WOT with only a few people on the boat. I have read that when going from aluminum to SS you generally pitch up is that accurate? Looking for good overall performance with hole shot and ability to get the boat to plane quickly as the top priorities. Any good recommendations on props or sizes?


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    your numbers are not bad. is that from GPS or speedometer?
    I'd probably go 21 pitch Mirage Plus if your looking for a good all around 3 blade stainless, pretty fast, cruises well.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      It was from the speedometer, i haven't checked it on GPS. Does the Mirage Plus come in a 4 blade or just a 3 blade? If going 4 blades would a 21 pitch still the best option?


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        the Mirage Plus is a 3 blade.
        If you want a 4 blade, I'd go with the PTZ4 from Powertech.
        pitch will depend mainly on the GPS speed.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]


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          Hi there,
          I also have a Chaparral 220 SSI with a 5.0 MPI/Alpha (with 1.62 gears). FWIW, I am currently running a Merc REV 4 17-pitch stainless prop. The numbers are shown in the attached chart... I posted them on this site years ago. The speed numbers are GPS. Also, the conditions were slightly choppy and air temp was mid 80s. Elevation is ~427 ft. The boat was loaded with just me (~215 lbs then), ~35 gallons of gas, 2 batteries and ~200 to 300 lbs of misc. The numbers came off a MercMonitor. I like the REV 4 a lot. IMO, it's certainly better than the aluminum props I previously ran. It provides a much-improved hole shot. And, a top-end in the upper 40s is plenty for me. I would however like to get better fuel economy if possible.

          Before upgrading to the REV 4, I ran the following props:
          • 21 pitch Mercury 3-blade aluminum (50+ mph top end but terrible hole shot and poor performance for pulling skiers
          • 19 pitch Mercury 3-blade aluminum - (lost a little top end as expected but holeshot improved)
          • 18 pitch Quicksilver Diamond 4 4-blade aluminum, which is the same as the Mercury Alpha 4 - (slight drop in top end but improved hole shot and better docking control). I liked the Diamond 4. It performed much better than the 3-blade props for my needs. Note: If I was going to stick with aluminum, I might try the Nemesis/Spitfire 19p 4-blade. I've heard good things about that prop and some claim it's an improvement over the Alpha 4/Diamond 4.
          There are many other props I'd like to test on that boat, such as the Mercury Enertia (17 or 18 pitch) for example. I'm curious to know what prop you finally decide on and how it performs.

          Hope this helps.

          Good luck!
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