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  • Help with Prop Identification

    Was directed to this site for some help Identifying the specifics about two props that the previous owner of m boat gave me. See attached pictures. 1st pic is four bald 2nd pic is 3 blade. Any help/advice would be much appreciated!

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    Does this help?


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      Ken from should be around/able to help (or email him there), but I believe I too had used that 4-blade, or one similar but for Suzi OBs.

      I read as the OFX offshore model of 19" pitch. It was de bomb on my Suzuki DF250 on my big ol' 25' Parker Sport Cabin - power, torque and stern lift. 21" pitch prop on that 3-blade.

      Ken knows all about those props and he sells them.
      Life is too short for an ugly boat!


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        Pic #1, PowerTech FX3 21 pitch
        Pic #2, PowerTech OFX4 19 pitch
        both right hand rotation.


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          OFX3 21 RH rotation and OFX4 19 RH rotation
          they have the cushion lok hub system, and can be hubbed for pretty much any motor, you just have to buy the hub.
          The OFX4 in the picture is currently hubbed for a yamaha.

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]