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  • Everglades 243 Suzuki 300

    Hi Ken - We recently picked up a 2005 Everglades 243 with a 2018 Suzuki 300AP running a Solas Lexor 19p. I ran it today and hit 47.5mph at 6125 rpm and cruised at 31.5mph at 4156rpm. This seems like a lot of slip and if the jack plate was up 2-3" the prop would spin out of the hole. I was running the boat very light as it was just me today. We will usually run the boat with 2-4 adults loaded for fishing.

    Any suggestions for decreasing slip and the prop spinning out of the hole?


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    here is an email I got from a guy that got a Powertech LFS4 19 pitch.
    I don't know how the boat was loaded, or if he had a Ttop or what options were on it, but here is what he said.


    Just some quick follow up on the LFS4 prop on the Everglades 243 w/ Zuke 300hp

    Ran the boat a lot last week fishing and put it through the paces. Prop works great! Hole shot is awesome / no blow out and still managed around 48mph at WOT 6100 rpm with a fishing load out.
    Thinking should hit 50 without gear.

    Stern lifting definitely seems to help with some tab it runs awesome when things got a little bumpy. That is where this Prop really shined for me. Can’t wait to run it for King of the Beach as weather always seems to go south for the tournament.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Ken - That sounds very good. I have never had a four-blade, but I trust your recommendation. Do you have these in stock?


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        They are 4 weeks out, Hopefully they surprise us.
        Let us know the numbers when you get it !

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]