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  • Correct prop for Suzuki 250SS

    I have a 240 LTS Triton with t top with a 2019 250SS Zuke. Currently have a 3x16x21.5 prop, top end is 5900 rpm,49 mph. Usually run fully loaded. Prop does ventilate some. Looking to upgrade prop for rpm and performance. Any recommendations for 3 or 4 blade? Boat has jack plate. Gear ratio is 2.08 to 1 on this engine.

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    Ken from should be here soon ... but if not, go to their site and contact him. I had a big heavy Parker 2SC with same OB and he pitched me for a PowerTech 16" wheel of 4-blade 'OFS' design ... if I recall correctly. Revs were right up at the max RPMs with full gear, me and 1/3rd fuel, but even when adding a load, I only lost a few hundred RPMs off that number.

    The results were like ... BOOM ... just freakin' awesome! And so are Ken and P-Gods!
    Life is too short for an ugly boat!


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      Sorry I was late to answer.
      I got your email on this one, but here is better anyways.

      Ok, what year is the boat? The hull apparently changed in 2017.
      Given your speed, with 250 HP, I'm going to guess your boat is older then 2017. (the new ones are slower)
      here is a thread with some guys running that boat with Verado 350's.

      I would want you to try a Powertech VMX4 in 21 pitch. Its a 15 1/8 diameter high rake 4 blade. Looks like a Revolution 4 on steroids.
      I like the Revolution 4, and they are normally the favorite on this hull (old or new) but with the suzuki gearcase, I think the VMX being a little larger diameter, but still giving a lot of overall lift, you'll be happy with it.
      They are backordered probably 6 weeks easily on that one. But if you get it and don't like it, there is a $35 restocking fee and you can return it.

      I do have Revolution 4's available for testing. We could give it a shot and see what it does. I have those available for testing.

      Ken Reeves
      [email protected]