Prop Suggestions: Pursuit 345 with Suzuki 350's

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  • Prop Suggestions: Pursuit 345 with Suzuki 350's

    I am about to purchase a Pursuit 345. It currently has Yamaha 350's but I am going to repower with Suzuki 350's with dual props. The 345 is a heavy boat (18,000 loaded). I haven't found anyone who has this combination so I'm looking for suggestions as to props. I am more concerned with cruise economy than top end speed. Thanks.

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    There is no choice of props for the Suzuki 350's, so its basically pick your pitch to get the RPM right.

    I'd say load the boat up like you actually plan to use it, and see what the RPM and GPS speed is at wide open with the Yamaha's.
    Important part is loading the boat like you actually plan to use it.

    Once you figure out how fast it goes with your load, that will help us determine what pitch you need to get the RPM right on the Suzuki's.
    I doubt there will be a significant difference in economy between the two, but it will be interesting for sure.

    While you run with the Yamaha's, for the wide open speed, get a good cruise speed and GPH as well, so you have something to compare too.
    They claim 48 MPH at wide open, and 1 mpg at 30 MPH, with the Yamahas

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]