Prop reco - 210 Whaler Outrage Verado (formerly L4 175 now L6 300)

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  • Prop reco - 210 Whaler Outrage Verado (formerly L4 175 now L6 300)

    hi folks

    Going on my 7th year with my 2007 Boston Whaler Outrage 210 CC with a single Verado 175. I have been running a 17p MiragePlus with good success, but I have knicked two shoals over the years (I'm on Georgian Bay, it's inevitable) and the now twice rebuilt prop is still good, but not great. When it was factory new, I would turn 6200-6250 RPM and run 42 MPH (very top end with a light-med load), which I think was pretty good overall.

    I ordered an EnertiaEco 19P a few weeks ago and barely got 5100 RPM. Sent it back for the 17P but they sent me the wrong hand. However, I was not optimistic even the 17P would work well with my setup.

    This is all to say, I am going to send the EnertiaEco back for a straight Enertia, and wanted to ask you guys what pitch and diameter I should go with. The prop selector is calling out either a 19P/14D or 18P/14.2D

    Let me know if any more info is needed.


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    Any thoughts? Ken, would love to get your opinion.



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      I've had one guy compare the 17 ECO to the 17 Mirage Plus, and surprisingly they ran about the same.

      I expected the ECO to drop the RPM quite a bit.

      for a 21 Whaler, with the standard size 175 gearcase, the ECO is probably a little over kill.

      The Standard Enertia would probably be a little faster on top end vs the Mirage Plus.
      The Mirage Plus might do a little better at slower cruise speeds.

      I'd still want to see what the ECO does though. I would expect it to do well at slower cruise speeds with all that blade area.

      Ken Reeves


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        Ken, thanks so much!

        This is perhaps a dumb question, but I'm considering getting my ECM flashed to 210hp. Would this make any difference in the ability to run the Eco, or does it come down to gearing?



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          Well, it would turn up RPM easier with more HP. But the question is really how much prop do you need to push the boat.
          Its 21 ft, (a heavy 21 ft, but still just 21 ft)
          So if a Mirage Plus or smaller diameter Enertia can push it with low slip numbers, then there is no real advantage to going up to a big diameter prop.
          You'd just be dragging more blade around, which probably wouldn't help economy.

          But if the Enertia or Mirage Plus was slipping a lot and having a hard time pushing the boat, then the ECO would be a good choice. it would give you more surface area to help push the boat with less slip.

          Currently, you are at 6200 RPM at 42 MPH with a 17 pitch Mirage Plus. 12% slip. (not bad at all)

          I would not have told you to go with the 17 ECO, but if its coming anyways, I'd throw it on there and see what happens for sure.

          If you are shooting for a little faster top end, I think the 17 or 18 Enertia would be faster then the Mirage.
          But the Mirage Plus is going to be hard to beat on cruise economy.

          Ken Reeves



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            Hey Ken! Sorry for a very long delay - didn't get a chance to test the 17 ECO last season and our cottage being water access only (and in Canada), just got back on the water a few weeks ago...

            Anyhow, got a chance to play with it last weekend - immediately noticed far better hole shot - dropped the bow more quickly - maxed out at 42.5 MPH. Saw the rpm's drop to 5850/5900 (per digital smartcraft tach). I understand from that's right on the minimum for a Verado (5900 or lower and you risk long term damage?).

            Was also able to trim it way up (10 on the smartcraft, couldn't get past 8.5 with the 17 Mirage Plus) and still stay hooked up even in sharp turns. Per the smartcraft mph, at full throttle I'm getting .2-.3 better mileage (didn't really check lower data points)...

            Oevrall I quite like it. I am now seriously contemplating getting my 175 chipped to 210. Do you think that would take me to 6100 or beyond?

            Bottom line - vastly different than the 19 ECO. The 19 barely got 5000 rpm as I recall.

            Let me know thoughts - cheers


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              I've had a couple guys go from the 19 to the 17 and gained 600-700 RPM.
              You gained even more,
              they actually do make an 18 now for the guys inbetween.

              As for your RPM and speed with the added HP.
              175 HP gets 42.5 if you get 210 HP, you would theoretically get 47 MPH.
              According to the speed calculator that is very accurate.

              Your running a 17 pitch prop, 2.08 gear ratio 5900 at 42.5 which is 7% slip

              (in theory) if you reflashed the motor and got a true 210 HP, you would be on the 6500 RPM limiter at 47 MPH.

              With the boat loaded however you were for this last test.

              Ken Reeves


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                Thanks so much Ken! I am going to do the ECM upgrade - will report back - cheers


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                  sounds good

                  Ken Reeves


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                    Hey Ken!

                    I realize this is 3 years (!) old now, but suffice to say time flies. Anyway, I did the ECM upgrade but they difference was minimal - a few hundred RPM's maybe...couldn't really feel it. As it turns out, the next summer my boat was hit by lightning overnight (only damaged my on-board charger and fried the ECM on the L4 Verado), so long story short, with the insurance payout I upgraded to an L6 Verado 300.

                    Big difference on my 21 Outrage! Rocket ship (to me). Running the Enertia Eco 17p still - can now do up to 54 MPH at 6400 RPMS, approx half fuel and two adults.

                    I also ordered an 18p Enertia Eco. With that prop, performance is almost equal, hole shot very similar, top end 52/53ish, but I can only turn 6000 RPMs MAX. Same conditions more or less.

                    So question is - all things being equal - should I stick with the 17p or go to the 18p? I like where I am with the RPM's with the 17p but I defer to the experts...



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                      ECO 17 gets the RPM up, faster holeshot, and a little faster on top end. I'd say thats a win all the way.

                      Ken Reeves


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                        Thank you Ken as always!