2000 Boston Whaler conquest 285 prop advise

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  • 2000 Boston Whaler conquest 285 prop advise

    I am looking for prop advise on a 2000 BW Conquest 285. We repowered with twin Honda 250's. The installer put stainless counter rotating props 14.5x17.

    We need to be over 5000 rpms to plane out. Our best fuel economy is at 6200 rpms which is 35 mph. It avgs 1.7 mpg per engine. In rough seas the mpg goes to 1.5 mpg.

    Would 4 blade props help us plane faster and achieve better fuel economy? We take long rides and speed isn't a must but we feel like the economy can be increased.

    Thank you for any advis

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    I would suggest Powertech OFS4's in 16 pitch.
    I think it would accelerate stronger, keep you on plane at slower speeds, and I actually think you might pick up top end.
    I'd expect that boat to run low 40's with twin 250's.
    If you load up really heavy most of the time, we can go down to 15 pitch, and if you can turn the RPM, you'll get right around 40 MPH.

    Call or email anytime if you want to get a set.
    They are backordered a few weeks , but if you get a set and decide you want a different pitch or style, you can swap out for $35 plus shipping.
    Powertech makes some props for Honda as well, so if the dealer wants to swap you out for something, see if they will get your some Powertech OFS4's in 15 pitch.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      Will the prop change increase our fuel economy? We go 25-80 miles offshore quite a bit and 1 mpg is a bit costly. thanks for your advise.


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        Yes, I would expect a pretty significant improvement in fuel economy.
        not so much that these are magical props, its just your current numbers are pretty horrible.

        Ken Reeves
        [email protected]