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  • Hewes lappy prop recommendations

    Hello, I was correctly guided on this site a while back with my classic contender and now I need some guidance on another classic.

    I have finished restoring a 1990 Hewes lappy Redfisher 18' and have a carbed mercury 200 on the back. The prop that came with the engine is a fixed hub quicksilver 48 16320 a4 in 23 pitch. This prop seems to be quite incorrect performance wise as it ventilates a lot and especially loses grip in any sort of turn. Once moving, it accelerates quite nicely(fast) but it drives the bow down regardless of trim. Even when I trim up the boat will rooster tail but stay bow down and if there's any sort of chop it'll bow steer. Basically the entire hull in the water instead of further back.
    I know the hull does not have a running pad but I definitely need more bow lift.
    The boat still reaches 55mph with two people but it just doesn't ride right.

    I was interested in trying/buying a 23p torrent prop but it seems they're not making it anymore? at least I haven't found one. I think I have a 1.87 lower.
    Thanks in advance for any input or any other prop recommendations.

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    also want to note that I am not looking for top speed. Just a good all around prop performance wise.