2006 293cc Keywest with Twin F250 3.3L

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  • 2006 293cc Keywest with Twin F250 3.3L

    Hello all,

    We are currently running a 21P Rev 4 set on there. WOT RPM we get ~5700 at 51 MPH full tank of fuel and 4 people. Cruise 4000 RPM at ~32 MPH ~1.4-1.5MPG ~21GPH. Was looking to see if maybe 19p ECO will give us better cruise efficiency. Engines are mounted as high as they can go but still hard to see the ventilation plate. Takes a bit to get on plane ~ 5 seconds. We can trim the motors high without ventilation, can also make hard turns with out ventilations. Slip Calculations put us at 20% at cruise and around 7% at WOT.



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    are the plugs in the props? the little plastic plugs at the base of each blade.
    or are the holes open?

    When its taking a while to get on plane, what is the RPM doing?
    is it turning 4000++ RPM trying to get up on plane, or is it lower then that?

    ECO's may work well, would be interesting to try. my 19's will be back soon.

    Ken Reeves
    [email protected]


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      They spin around 3800 until we get on plane the take off to the races. Played with the plugs. Best I found was 2 solids 2 removed. Played with small and meds but would recommend above 4K or would start to ventilate and lose plane at low speeds. Would a set of 19p eco translate to 21p rev 4?


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        I was also looking at the plastic ssr hub you posted (8m0150152). Would it be a direct replacement for the flo-torq II sleeve?


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          They make 19's and 20 ECO's so it will be one of the two.
          but I'd probably try 19's first.

          The new hub fits in the same hub cavity.
          it has a different sleeve and aft adapter, the thrust washer and prop nut are the same though.

          Ken Reeves
          [email protected]