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    In order to keep BoB uninfluenced by ad dollars it isn't possible to buy an ad on BoB at this time. Ad space is reserved for BoB Experts and general google ads.

    How does a BoB Expert get an ad on BoB? Basically, if you have been voted in as a BoB Expert you can forward your 300X250 Banner Ad to us at Please include the link you would like the ad to go to. We are happy to support industry experts that support the site.

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    I have just joined BoB under the username Shif and want to make sure nothing I have entered in my profile violates current rules. I am more than happy to support $ if allowed.


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      Welcome to BoB.
      Currently we really only have one rule.
      No Nudity!

      Other than that, pretty fair game.
      There are sections to discuss certain things, IE: Boats, politics, etc.
      I see you already introduced yourself.
      Also, you are Honda, great!
      We have:
      Yamaha- Myself and SIM
      Mercury- SIM
      Suzuki- Outboard Specialties

      Where are you located and do you have a Web site?
      Engine Sales and Service
      Ph +1 954.463.1515
      Fx +1
      Toll Free: 800.622.6747

      Member of the MSHS Group


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