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  • Pink Stains Vinyl Boat Seats

    Pink Stains in Vinyl Boat Seats are one of the main problems of thousand boat owners who are in trouble about this. Main cause of pink stain in vinyl boat seat is boat seats are wet for long time period. And the weather condition is warm. This case from a microorganism bacteria which grow in fresh water, warm moisture and lotion. This is the main food source of bacteria,
    Researching the solution for Pink Stain on Boat Seats. Working with Gestaltscientific team

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    Please check your PM's.


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      Originally posted by Mod 3 View Post
      Please check your PM's.
      He will not reply....

      if the dude has a miracle cure let us know...


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        Here’s a link he posted in another thread.
        ‘12 Blackwood - 300 Verado's (for sale)
        '17 Nor-Tech 340 - sold
        '18 Fountain 38 - sold
        ’19 Invincible 36 - 350 Verado’s