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  • Marine vinyl flooring

    Anyone have experience with vinyl floor covering?

    Boat is in the shed for several pre-season projects and one of the next up is to replace shitty carpeting the builder installed in my under gunwale rod trays with Nautilex vinyl.

    I have Nautliex 88 adhesive to put it down. I will have to have seams in the vinyl to make the full length of the trays. Is the proper way to attempt some kind of fold under for the overlapping piece, should I try to just butt the pieces together, or should I over-lap with no fold?

    I done some projects with this before, but none where I ever had to worry about a visible seam.

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    I don't have any info for you, but I'm very interested in the advice you get.
    I'm going to be putting vinyl flooring down on my boat sometime soon.

    Ken Reeves


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      Vinyl flooring in a boat?


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        This product:

        Fairly common in aluminum jon boats and I believe some pontoon boats. Probably rarely ever used in glass boats.

        I've had it in my last 3 tin boats. I really like it because it's tough as nails, easy to clean (pressure washer), easy on bare feet, and unlike rhino-lining and other spray on type applications, it weighs basically nothing.

        I'll do some further research when I get to this. First I wanna focus on getting my trolling motor installed and running.