Looking to re-upholster / upgrade center console seat

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  • Looking to re-upholster / upgrade center console seat

    I am new to this forum and have a bench seat on my 2005 Sea Hunt Triton 220. The captains bench seat is fading and needs to be re-upholstered. The local re-upholster company can recover what I have but does not do any upgrades to the function of the seat. I have seen some of the newer seats that Sea Hunt has and was looking to see if this could be an option for my boat. I have reached out to a Sea Hunt dealer in SC but have heard nothing back to date. Does anyone have any suggestions in the Mooresville, NC area that may be able to perform seating upgrades. Also, is this the type of job where the boat needs to be on site?

    i will see if I can figure out how to upload pictures to assist with an answer.


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    Attached is is an older picture of the seat I'm trying to upgrade.


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      Looks like copy and paste does not work for inserting a picture. If someone could direct me of how to insert a picture I'd appreciate it.


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          Try saltwatercentral.com the NC forums are very active. Lot of guys trailer from Raleigh to the coast and may have a place to recommend. I'm out MHC area, not close to you at all.