What fills needle holes in vinyl

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  • What fills needle holes in vinyl

    I thought i cam across something like vinyl compound. I had to resew a vinyl seam but now i have a number of the needle holes showing right outside the seam. Anyway to fill them?

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    I'd ask SailRite, at https://www.sailrite.com/
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      Not that I know of.


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        I don’t know if it is any good, or not, but google liquid vinyl repair kit.


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          Hey, now that I think of it, I did use one of those 'vinyl repair kits' on the folding seats to my 14' skiff. It not only worked well, holes the size of BBs, but I matched it perfectly!

          On the bottom of the seat there was some 'excess' material with the surface impression or dimples of the vinyl material on it. So I cut off a 1/2" square piece, cleaned it, and then sprayed it with Pam cooking spray (as a mold release) on the surface side. Once I glued up the repair spot, I turned that piece upside-down over the hole - like a reverse mold - and let it cure a good couple days.

          PRESTO ... when I removed the piece I had a perfect repair and surface match!
          Life is too short for an ugly boat!


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            Lucky you, I tried it once a lot of years ago on a car seat with less the impressive results LOL