704 Binnacle control parts diagram needed!

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  • 704 Binnacle control parts diagram needed!

    I need a parts diagram for a 2002/01 704 yamaha binnacle for a 90TLRA outboard.
    I found a circlip (E clip) on the floor of inside the center console under the control and assumed it came from the throttle/shift control.

    I could not find any 2002 info on the net, but found diagrams of later model. the parts microfiche says there are 4 of these clips.

    1 on the throttle cable joint
    1 on the shift cable joint
    1 on the tensioner bolt

    where does the 4th clip go???

    all of the above mentioned clips are in place, cables and tensioner adjuster screw. I can not see where any other e clip of that size belongs...

    there is an external snap ring clip but I see no other place for an e/circlip.

    can someone please porvide a diagram of the parts break down... thank you.

    this is what I found on the net. circlip is #6, Boats.net list shows 4 are needed. what am I missing? Click image for larger version

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    can anyone verify the number of circlips a 2002 model 704 binnacle should have?


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      This picture is of a older 704. The parts list shows 3 circlips used.
      If your control picture is from a newer then 2005 control, its a different control box
      Link to the diagram on our site with the part numbers at the bottom http://www.simyamaha.com/Yamaha_Part...BOARD_MOTORS)/

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Image?arik=cpTnhmHlE7IjJQxGORwZ&arib=YAM_OUT&arim=b7tR9PD3pWuxkpEp0W7pYQ2&aria=Rk8JPauByClVvuCumlTYIg2&ariz=2&ariv=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.simyamaha.com%2FYamaha_Parts_Diagrams_s%2F7455.htm.gif
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      Andrew Munao Jr
      Yamaha Sales/Tech Support, SIM Yamaha
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        Hi Andy, that illustration is similar to the one I posted. This is a 2002 Yamaha 90hp TLRA on a 2002 boat. based on the wear n tear on the controller, and what looks like it has been worked on, maybe cable adjustment, appear to be original to the boat. I don`t know... plastic parts where they attach inside the controller have cracked at the mounting points. either from age or over tightening, again, who knows...
        I also found the lock nuts on the cables themselves to have turned all the way down. I`m hearing this is common not only on the engine but also the controls.
        on the cover one of the small philips head screws was cross threaded and the remaining 3 came out very easy, as did every screw removed needed to inspect the controller.

        went for a ride yesterday after I had the controller covers/shields off for inspection. it appears to be functioning as before I found the circlip laying in the bottom of the center console below the controller. after seeing that the circlips are indeed on both cable joints and the tension adjustment screw I was stumped where the other clip could go based on my original post and my finding a diagram that had 4 clips listed.

        Thanks for posting that!

        at this point, only owning this boat for a few short months, I`m not sure if I`ll be repowering/updating with the next size up in HP next year based on the rest of the season and how the boat runs. I`ve already thrown quite a bit of coin at her this season.

        if at some point I decide to replace the controller, can the new controller be used with a different model Yamaha or another brand model outboard?
        what was the year span for the older model controller?

        and looking at the position of the #6 circlip in both posted diagrams there is a discrepancy at the tension adjustment screw.
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          All mechanical throttle and shifted engines will work with any year 704 control. So your 2002 control, will work with a brand new Yamaha mechanical throttle and shifted engine.

          Your diagram is from a 2005 or newer top mount standard binnacle controller, with the gray handle. Not the chrome handle. There are some differences between the older and that newer one, so don't use that diagram as a parts reference if you are needing parts for it. Use the one I linked too.
          Andrew Munao Jr
          Yamaha Sales/Tech Support, SIM Yamaha
          888-231-2392 | [email protected] | simyamaha.com


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            Gotcha, ok I have a chrome handled controller, your diagram shows 3 circlips. I found 3 circlips to be in place according to the diagram, where did the 4th clip that I found in the center console floor come from? this is what has me concerned.

            my question on a "new" current 704 replacement controller is if it would be compatible with other brand outboards if I did not choose Yamaha to repower.


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              No idea on it working with other brands. My guess is yes, but Merc uses different cables. I think Honda and Suzuki use the Yamaha style cables.
              Andrew Munao Jr
              Yamaha Sales/Tech Support, SIM Yamaha
              888-231-2392 | [email protected] | simyamaha.com