Yamaha 115 two stroke issues

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  • Yamaha 115 two stroke issues

    Working on a friend of mines boat, an older 17 Mako with a two stroke Yamaha 115. She said it ran ok, but would bog at wot. I have optimaxes, so the Yamaha is new to me. When taking a test ride, the boat ran fine all day, then bogged and quit when we were running at probably 3/4 throttle. I checked the fuel water separator and it was almost all water. After draining it I could not get the boat to start. I got it back on the trailer and have done a few things. I drained the carbs, pumped the fuel tank out, put on a new fuel water separator, new fuel filter under the cowl, checked all plugs for spark, and added 5 gallons of rec 90. My friend said she had the carbs cleaned by central marine in st. pete a couple months ago.I still can't get it to start. I cracked the drain plugs on the carbs and there is fresh gas in there. It acted like it wanted to start a couple times, but just wouldn't turn over. What am I missing? Its got fuel, spark and air?

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    Probably has water on the plugs.
    I would pull the carbs and clean them also, raining them doesn't get all the water out of the bowls, crevices and jets.
    You could cheat and try some either.
    But, I still advise above.
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      I tried the easy way first. Put in new plugs and some starting fluid. Started right up and ran great. Ran it for about ten minutes on the hose, shut it down for a minute and then tired it again. Started on the first turn of the key. Thanks for the help!