Clean Mercury 2 stroke carbs.

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  • Clean Mercury 2 stroke carbs.

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ID:	45700 Cleanest carbs I have ever taken apart.
    this is the top most carb on my 115 Merc. I will remove jets and soak in cleaner at work and then blow dry thoroughly. Then rinse, lather, repeat!

    Any hints on cleaning and assembling the next 3!
    I may replace all small fuel hoses.
    Thanks, Kevin,

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    Also inspect all of the small rubber oil lines and check valves (if it has them). My 225 Merc had quite a few of those small lines running all over the motor. I found some that were cracked and some that had gotten soft and came disconnected from their fittings.


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      Next question, do I remove oil injection and premix?
      All carbs look very clean, yet I'm still going to soak them in neat cleaning machine, at work.


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        Can you remove the jets? Use fine wire or something similar to clean them and the
        passages. Parker posted pictures of a tool
        he uses with various sizes of small rods to do this. Compressed air helps too.


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          Any welding supply store sells torch tip cleaners. It's a tool that has multiple small stiff wires various sizes. This might be what you could use to clean the jets.