Mercury 150 4 stroke.

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    Originally posted by Parker Yacht View Post

    Hmmmm. Let's see if we can change that.
    Hold my beer, and watch this-------.

    I like Joey, nice enough fella, but he hasn't met a Mercury engine he doesn't like.

    It must drive him bat shit when folks come in demanding Yamaha power.

    Go to the Sundance Marine homepage and the first boat that boat shows up has Yamaha power. Wait a bit and then a Mercury powered boat will appear.

    Would be interesting to know the number of Mercury sales vis a vis Yamaha sales by Sundance Marine.

    Maybe Mercury Marine is giving him some baksheesh on the side for every Merc he sells.


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      Originally posted by manitunc View Post

      Funny, I feel the opposite. I think Mercury metallurgy is superior, less issues with corrosion. The Opti system was better than HPDI and the supercharged Verados seem to be quite reliable. The 150 four stroke is as simple and reliable as a farm tractor, light weight and superior power to a Yamaha. Yamaha did a great job capturing the market when OMC croaked, but I dont see them as the technology leader now. Maybe the OEM market leader, but Suzuki seems to have the repower market for older boats based on pricing, which Yamaha seems to have given up on. Of course, when you sell every engine you can make to the OEM market, why would you care about repowers.
      I think the corrosion issues we hear about in Yamaha's is simply due to the overwhelming number that are being used in the briney blue. If 10 times the number of Yams are used in the salt than Mercury products, but we hear of Yams seeming to have three times the number of problems, statistically the Yamaha is the more reliable.

      Could not agree with you more about the HPDI vis a vis the Opti if you are talking about the big block HPDI. What a disaster. On the other hand, many many seem to have no problems and think they are a great motor. Just too damn many parts being used for my liking.

      Who do you see as being the technology leader at the moment? The DF350? Given a choice between the two, I suspect that the Yamaha company places greater emphasis on being the market (revenue/profit) leader. High tech firms come and go. And go. Staid and reliable seem to always we with us.


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        Google, " Mercury 150 hp four stroke problems"


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          I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the 150. Great engine. Very powerful. And fuel efficient.
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            Originally posted by GoodChance View Post
            I have absolutely nothing bad to say about the 150. Great engine. Very powerful. And fuel efficient.
            Can I be your friend.
            looks great, what is your wet weight? My hull is similar and weighs 2800 lbs ready to hop in at ramp, really curious! More details on hull please.


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              My boat weighs 2000lbs (as advertised) and I cruise at 27mph at 3750 rpm; 30 mph at 4,000 rpm and WOT is 44 mph at 5800 rpm. Real world fuel economy is 4.2 mpg but I can see 5 mpg ligh and running in the river. I'm turning a Mercury 15" Enertia


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                20ft SeaOx. Same as the 20 Jones Brothers

                It's fully rebuilt. And for sale
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                  Thanks GC, my hull while heavier looks similar to yours and my cruise is much lower, like 20 is 4000 rpm, top is 5200 rpm maxing out at 31.
                  neat hull!


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                    TOS has a thread about a rumor that Merc is going to offer a 200hp i4 4stroke this year, at the same weight as their 150 I4 4Stroke. I have to admit that would peek my interests. The suzuki I4 200hp is in the running.

                    truly admire ALL of the MFGs' engineering staff...would love to work for ANY of them.


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                      If merc came out with a 200 I4 of the same weight as the 150 then I might make the move to 4 stroke on both boats. wonder if I can cut a deal on 3 Merc 200s.