2015 Yamaha 115LB Oil Pressure Gauge

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  • 2015 Yamaha 115LB Oil Pressure Gauge

    Bought a Hewes 18 Redfisher with a 2015 F115lb. Boat has been well taken care of and only has 118 hrs on the clock. When I water tested the boat the 100 maint. indicator was flashing. I didn't really focus on the multifunction part of the screen, but the water test was for about 20-30 minutes and the motor ran and idled fine. Am waiting for the 100 Hr kit from Sim Yamaha and will take care of that part, The boat has the square command link gauges, when I clicked the mode button to make the maintenance banner stop, I noticed the Volts, Temp, and Oil analog display as usually found on other Yamaha four strokes I have owned, except that the oil analog display has no indicator on the scale like the temp and battery. Looked at the owners manual, it talks about a warning for low oil pressure, but also shows the analog scale from L to H with an indicator. Did a little more research on line found some posts on a pontoon forum that said that the 115lb doesn't have an oil pressure sending unit, just a warning that appears on the gauge if you have low oil pressure.
    Should their be an indicator on the oil pressure gauge???

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    Correct, the F115 (and the smaller 4-strokes) has an oil pressure switch, with only two states: ok, not ok.
    So the Command Link gauge has the usual screen for oil pressure, but nothing to display for it.
    I suspect the Command Link gauge section of the Owners Manual was a simple "cut & paste" without regard to that difference


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      Thanks.....its kind of what I expected, but I just wanted a little clarification.