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  • Yamaha oil change

    So I am getting ready to pull my boat for the winter in a few weeks. This was my first season with a 4 stroke. I have a 2010 f300. When doing an oil change is it worth buying one of the oil extractors, or is draining the oil from the plug better? The extractor sounds slightly easier I just don't know if is worth spending the money on.

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    I would drain it. However if that has not be done that way before, 2010 might give some push back.
    Frozen apron boots etc.
    Also on the engine I would look into some other itmes.
    How many hours?
    And what is the P.I.D.?
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      I use a manual vacuum extractor and it works great. It’s leaving a bit more oil than pulling the covers and draining it, but it still holds the recommended 7 quarts (2017 F300) without overfilling. Once I get most the oil out, I tilt the motor up then back down and pump it a few more times. I put the extractor on an upside down trash can and once going it drains mostly on its own.


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        I always used to just drain my F250's from the drain plug.
        Click image for larger version

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        Drain it....get it all out....new filter....best oil... preventative maintenance is so important and inexpensive compared to the alternative